China says it opposes and cracks down on all forms of cyberattacks

Published February 5, 2024

MANILA, Feb 6 (Reuters) – The Chinese government does not tolerate any form of cyberattacks and will not allow any country or individual to engage in such illegal activities using Chinese infrastructure, its embassy in the Philippines said.

It made the assurances after the Philippines on Monday said that hackers from China last month attempted to break into government websites, including President Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s personal website, but failed.


Manila did not say the hackers were linked to any state, but said they were found to be using the services of Chinese state-owned company Unicom. Unicom did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“The Chinese government all along firmly opposes and cracks down on all forms of cyber attack in accordance with law, allows no country or individual to engage in cyber attack and other illegal activities on Chinese soil or using Chinese infrastructure,” a spokesperson at the Chinese Embassy in Manila said late on Monday.



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FILE PHOTO: Computer code is seen on a screen above a Chinese flag in this July 12, 2017 illustration photo. REUTERS/Thomas White/Illustration/File Photo
Published February 5, 2024

MANILA (Reuters) – Hackers operating in China attempted to break into websites and e-mail systems of the Philippine’s president and government agencies, one promoting maritime security, but failed, an information and communications ministry official said on Monday.

The mailboxes of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), the website of National Coast Watch, and the personal website of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr were among the targets of the unsuccessful hacking operations in January, DICT spokesperson Renato Paraiso told DWPM radio.

“We are not attributing this to any state. But using the internet protocol addresses, we pinpointed it to China,” Paraiso said, adding the hackers were traced to be using the services of Chinese state-owned Unicom.



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Published February 5, 2024

An investigation into the recent cyberattack on several government websites allegedly carried out by one of three Chinese state-sponsored cyber-intrusion groups has been sought in the Senate.

Deputy Minority Leader Risa Hontiveros has filed proposed Senate Resolution 923, which directs the Senate Committee on National Defense and Security to conduct the probe in aid of legislation.

“Now therefore, be it resolved as it is hereby resolved to call for the Senate committee on national defense and security to conduct an investigation in aid of legislation into a foreign government-sponsored cyber intrusion affecting government agencies, including those directly involved in safeguarding national interests in the West Philippine Sea,” Hontiveros wrote in the resolution.

Over the weekend, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) said hackers believed to be operating from China breached the email systems and internal websites of government agencies that used a cloud service provider, most likely to gather information.




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