Chinese Media Just Proved Trump is Right on Paris Accord

Well, it looks like the left are once again in bed with the enemy – only this time it’s the Chinese. The left are so damn stupid they are actually championing the Chinese over their “commitment” to stay in the job killing, business killing, useless Paris Climate Agreement.

Just a reminder – Congress did not vote to approve of this agreement. It was the failed Obama Administration who agreed to this non-binding resolution to spend money and reduce carbon emissions (that have done absolutely nothing to change the course of the bogus climate change hoax the left follows as a religious cult).

Even the state-sponsored Communist Chinese media chimed in. From The Daily Caller News Foundation:

While U.S. media outlets herald China as the next climate change leader, Chinese media was quick to criticize President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement on climate change.

The most critical outlet was the nationalist Global Times, a paper affiliated with the People’s Daily, the leading paper of the Communist Party of China. The “reckless withdrawal from the climate deal will waste increasingly finite US diplomatic resources, and the US’ selfishness and irresponsibility will be made clear to the world, crippling the country’s world leadership,” the outlet said.

The tabloid accused the U.S. of setting a bad example.

In his speech announcing American withdrawal from the agreement, Trump pointed out that Paris strengthens other countries at the expense of the U.S. He singled out China and India, and warned that the deal would simply line the pockets of the developing world with American dollars.

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” the president said Thursday.

The absolute irony and hypocrisy of China and those who are lifting that country up on some climate change pedestal are absolutely hilarious. From The Daily Caller:

China did vow to keep its Paris agreement commitments, but that won’t really mean much given it pledged to increase greenhouse gas emissions for the foreseeable future.

China’s pledged to “peak” greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. What’s implied here is that China will increase emissions in absolute terms during that time.

China basically promised to follow its already expected development track, where emissions are expected to level off between 2025 and 2030.

Yet, China’s new five-year plan would “raise coal-fired power capacity from around 900 gigawatts last year to as high as 1,100 gigawatts by 2020,” which is “more than the total power capacity of Canada,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

China is also fueling coal-fired electricity production around the world. The country is part of a joint venture with Pakistan “to spend around $15 billion over the next 15 years to build close to a dozen coal power plants of varying sizes around the country,” Reuters reported.

So, while China and the left try to claim some hero status for the Communist country, they are making fools of themselves for those who actually know the truth. Of course, neither China nor the left would ever let the facts actually be known; otherwise, those who follow the religious cult of climate change would become disbelievers…maybe.

There is no way in hell any taxpayer dollars should go towards the climate change hoax in the United States, never mind other countries.



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