Climate Action? Politically Vulnerable Democrats Demand Lower Gasoline Taxes

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Imagine a climate crisis so serious, SO, SO SERIOUS you have to ruin the whole Western world, except, of course .. EXCEPT your own political career .. OF COURSE, DOH!!!

R. J. L.

h/t Breitbart; It is almost like they think saving their own political hides is more important that the crisis of our times.

Vulnerable Senate Dems try to run as tax-cutters

They’re pitching gas tax holidays and other pocketbook-friendly plans to combat GOP messaging on inflation. But any real proposal has a long way to go.

02/16/2022 03:18 PM EST

Vulnerable Senate Democrats are attempting a bold strategy: Running for reelection as the real tax-cutters in Congress, even if it pits them against some of their caucus colleagues.

A quartet of the chamber’s most endangered Democrats are backing a proposalto suspend the federal gas tax through the end of the year and urging their party to embrace it as a signature economic pitch ahead of the midterms. And more ideas are on the way to ease voters’ pocketbooks.

It’s no coincidence that the Democrats most involved in the new push hail from the toughest battlegrounds: Sens. Mark Kelly of Arizona, Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada and Warnock. But as inflation grips the economy and prices continue rising, those senators say they are merely responding to their constituents’ concerns.

“What you see coming from me is an effort to lower peoples’ costs, whether that’s through the gas tax relief bill or other bills that I’m looking at introducing,” Warnock said in an interview. Republicans “are focused on politics, and I’m focused on the people I’m here to represent … people are struggling and they are focused on how they pay for their groceries.”

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More nonsense and more scaremongering from the Marxists and Socialists in the UN (who pretend to do science), all in order to take more of your money and move even more jobs to China. These “Green” Rent & Grant Seeking activists are not cheap:


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