+ Climate Misinformation From The USA Today Moderator

Image: Fact-Checking Climate Alarmist Predictions – Part III

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Crooked Climate ‘Scientist’ Michael Mann Caught Lying Again!

Video: Tony Heller


Comment to the video: Not very logic, but according to the media at the time .. How can people boil to death in wells? When did fire start to burn downwards, and how can coins melt in people’s pockets without burning the clothes to crisp and ashes first making such finds impossible?
– Proving the media was just as ignorant and dishonest back then – as now ..

Power Outages and “Near-Blizzard Conditions” in Canada’s Nunavut send Residents to Emergency Shelters

‘The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War’

Of course, he is a norwegian communist who, wait for it, is against NATO (you can’t make this shit up!):

NATO Secretary General: “NATO must combat climate change”



100% Data Tampering