CNN Compares Terrorism to Lightning Strike

Beside from this main story, – in the video the anchor claim the refugees are “vetted” for 2 years, right!? So, waiting in line to get application processed is now the same as being vetted. Leftists incompetence and dishonesty knows no borders, no pun intended.

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CNN’s fake news coverage was thwarted by the real news recently when one of their anchors bizarrely claimed that the threat of terrorism is akin to the threat of lightning strikes. Moments later, the network cut away to the truth as another terrorist attack claimed the lives of at least 20 people.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

A CNN anchor compared the abundance of terror attacks in recent years to random lightning strikes during an interview Tuesday, just before the network cut to “breaking news” of yet another terrorist attack that killed at least 20 people.

During an interview with Rep. Sean Duffy (R., Wis.) about President Donald Trump’s move to halt immigration to the United States from countries deemed terrorism hotspots, anchor Alisyn Camerota compared the threat of terrorism to that of random lightning strikes.

Immediately following the interview, the network cut to “breaking news” about another terror attack in Afghanistan that killed at least 20 people and wounded another 50.

The comparison appeared to surprise the lawmaker and raised eyebrows among viewers on Capitol Hill, who told the Washington Free Beacon that such a statement is the reason Americans are losing faith in the journalistic establishment.

Camerota ignoranty asked Duffy: “You know that more Americans are killed by lightning strikes every year than by terrorism, so how much do you want Americans to worry here?”

Take a look at the interview below (relevant portion begins around 4:50):

Apparently Camerota has never heard of the term nipping it in the bud. Moreover, she’s apparently never heard of reality and the dangerous situation terror has created around the world that Trump and others are working to stop from proliferating and taking American lives.

I guess in Camerota’s world we should sit back and only worry when radical Islamic terror has fully ravaged the country and then try to do something about it. I’d bet many Europeans wish their leadership had taken smarter steps before they faced the situation they do today …

“Lightning may be random, but this [terrorism] is purposeful and if the government could prevent lightning from killing people, we would. But if we can prevent terror attacks, and we can, we should,” Duffy countered, and further challenged Camerota to take her argument to those Americans who have lost loved ones due to terror.

“I challenge you to have that conversation,” he said.

Duffy then schooled Camerota on what Trump’s pause will allow the country to do — implement the extreme vetting procedures desperately needed to keep America safe.

“No wonder Alisyn Camerota and CNN are bewildered why the media is not trusted by the American people—comparing radical Islamic terrorism to random lightning strikes shows how out of touch the media truly is,” a GOP source that watched the interview observed to the Free Beacon.

“The media doesn’t understand that fundamentally, this is about preventing terrorism,” the source continued. “Not only did they remind the American people how much they’ve covered terrorism (and all of its instances), they were all too quick to jump to a terrorist attack that killed 20 people immediately after Duffy’s interview.”




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