CNN Is Reportedly In MAJOR Trouble and May Get Completely DROPPED During Parent Company Merger

According to new reports, CNN is in jeopardy of being dumped by its parent company after the ATT/Time Warner Merger.

This reportedly explains the desperate change to it’s coverage of Trump. It is no longer 90% negative.

CNN’s latest article regarding special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether or not Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential elections came out surprisingly in support of the President; stating Mueller is crossing the line.

From CNN:

(CNN)Last month, when President Donald Trump was asked by The New York Times if special counsel Robert Mueller would be crossing a line if he started investigating the finances of Trump and his family, the President said, “I think that’s a violation. Look, this is about Russia.”

The President is absolutely correct. Mueller has come up to a red line in the Russia 2016 election-meddling investigation that he is dangerously close to crossing.

According to a CNN article, Mueller’s investigators could be looking into financial records relating to the Trump Organization that are unrelated to the 2016 election.

(via: Conservative Post)


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