Claims deleted YouTube videos endorse “child endangerment,” when the opposite is true.

CNN and numerous other mainstream networks are flagrantly lying by claiming that Infowars is promoting “child endangerment” and “hate speech” in an attempt to have Google and Facebook shut down our channels.

After YouTube hit Infowars with a strike earlier this week and removed four videos from the Alex Jones Channel, CNN seized upon the issue to intensify its 6 month long lobbying campaign to have Infowars banned on YouTube and Facebook.

The most egregious claim is that Infowars is advocating “child endangerment” by posting a satirical take on a viral video that “showed an adult shoving a child to the ground,” reports CNN.


What CNN deliberately omitted is the fact that the child is seen repeatedly punching the adult before the man shoves him to the floor. The child is clearly not hurt. The video was entitled How To Prevent Liberalism – A Public Service Announcement and is clearly a humorous commentary on how cry-bullies on the left constantly claim to be the victims while violently attacking other people.

In no way is the video an endorsement of “child endangerment” or cruelty to children. CNN’s Paul P. Murphy knows this, but by omitting key details he strips out the context to demonize Infowars

The charge of “child endangerment” is also particularly underhanded given that one of the other videos that was banned by YouTube, Shocking ‘Drag Tots’ Cartoon Sparks Outrage, is a critique of the sexualization of children and is an attempt to protect children from endangerment.

The clip shows children interacting with and giving money to drag queens who are physically shaking their butts in the children’s faces. The video is clearly a criticism of children being subjected to this, not an endorsement of it.

Another video was banned for “hate speech” against Muslims according to CNN and YouTube.

The video contains commentary about the huge problems Europe is experiencing with violent crime as a result of mass immigration. This is not “hate speech,” it is a manifestly provable reality that has been acknowledged even by the mainstream media.

CNN is also lying in its claim that Jones called Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg a “crisis actor” and received a YouTube strike for this. The strike was removed, meaning that the video cited did not violate YouTube’s policies.

By relentlessly lying about our video content and lobbying YouTube and Facebook to shut down Infowars, CNN and others are trying to set the precedent that their electronic lynch mobs can remove content and silence competing media platforms on a whim.

Similar to how Twitter responded to pressure by partially lifting its shadow ban on conservatives, other social media giants need to stand strong in the face of this intimidation campaign and send a clear message to their users that they will uphold free speech.


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