CO2 ‘Greenhouse Effect’ Is Cooling Antarctica!


research paper by the Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research in Germany presents damning analysis of the ‘greenhouse effect’ over central Antarctica.  After studying measurements and models the ‘greenhouse effect’ is proven to be around zero or even negative.

An increase in CO2 concentration leads to an increased long-wave energy loss to space over central Antarctica, which cools the earth-atmosphere system. Increasing CO2 causes some warming only in the portion of the atmosphere (the troposphere) where temperatures decline with altitude so that the radiative emissions from CO2 at higher altitudes are less than at lower altitudes.

But the average altitude of the ice surface of Antarctica (over land) is 2126 m, and the ice surface in East Antarctica reaches 4082 m, which puts it above the troposphere. There in the stratosphere, temperatures increase with altitude, so CO2 at higher altitudes emit more radiation, which can escape to space without being re-absorbed, than CO2 nearer the ice surface due to its lower temperature.

The temperature trend at the South Pole from 1957 – 2013 is 0.03 ± 0.12 °C, or no significant temperature change.  The most negative greenhouse effect occurs in autumn with its peak in March, which is also the season with the strongest surface cooling.

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