CO2 Innocent – John Kerry’s Pseudo-Sceience Exposed

If there was empirical evidence for (Man Made) Global Warming, nobody would be talking about a “consensus” and the evidence would be written down for all to see. Now even normal weather is “evidence”.

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear, they do not distinguish between climate and the environment, for them it’s obviously the same.

That’s how serious they are ..

No, my friends, what we heard from the alarmists in the video was 2 things, dishonesty and the voice of the corrupt, “green” blob terrified that the (Man Made) Global Warming SCAM will end. Remember: Who Would Counterfeit Data If The Measurements Really Did Show A Problem? 

At around the timestamp: 01:30 (video below) John Kerry finally admitted that “we must have carbon pricing”, but that argument was blamed on 2 republicans who, “both believe we must have carbon pricing”.

Jeah, John Kerry, were you too ashamed to take responsibility and just admit that – that is the whole point with your huffing and puffing the “green” fraud out of both corners of your mouth? Because you know it’s a fraud ..

By DC Alert

Former Secretary of State John Kerry was obviously not prepared to engage in a battle of wits when he provided testimony over climate change in a House Oversight hearing.

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie offered a line of questioning that not only floored Kerry but proved his argument on climate change was a hoax.

Massie began to unravel Kerry when he asked Kerry about carbon dioxide emissions, noting that the carbon dioxide levels are actually lower now than the average level before mammals began to roam the planet.

“Yeah, but we weren’t walking the planet,” Kerry missing the point, exclaimed as he tried to refute that CO2 levels are actually at highs not seen in “the past 800,000 years.”

Massie wasn’t buying it and questioned why those levels were higher before that time frame. Flustered and unable to explain his own reasoning, Kerry tried to dismiss the argument as “just not a serious conversation.”

“Your testimony is not serious,” Massie retaliated drawing applause from those gathered. “When you can’t answer the question, that’s the best answer you got.”

But Massie wasn’t done giving the former Obama cabinet secretary what for, calling out Kerry for holding a degree in political science instead of a more fitting hard science degree.

“So I think it is somewhat appropriate that someone with a pseudo science degree is here pushing pseudo science to this committee,” Massie said.

For his part, Massie studied as an engineer and holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He operates a solar-powered farm in Kentucky when away from Congress.


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President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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