Coldest Winter On Record At The South Pole

Image: South Pole Sees Record Cold Winter, Smashing 1976 Record …WaPo Admits “Chill Was Exceptional”

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Antarctica clearly is not a part of the Man Made Global Warming story. The warming is almost global .. Man Made Almost Global Warming (MMAGW). Guess that means plant food (CO2) fail to warm the atmosphere over vast areas and over decades, or perhaps plant food (CO2) actually never warmed anything, like all available, not counterfeit data always has shown.

About “A Robust Balance.” When it comes to albedo, that effect is only relevant for clouds because solar radiation reaching the earth’s surface doesn’t get reflected back to space, the atmosphere is too dense regardless of surface for that to occur, clouds however, is high enough for reflection back to space to happen, as we know.

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Video: Tony Heller
Another expose of incompetence at NASA and dishonesty at the Washington Post

There’s nothing special about today’s weather, or climate:

There’s climate fraud summit in Glasgow in November. Temperature continue to show no natural warming and even less Man Made Warming. China and India won’t play ball, what are the “Green” criminals to do?:

When the “Green” fraudsters plans are so insane even some on the left starts to have second thoughts:

British PM Capitulates to UN-Settle Science-IPCC which are the criminals behind the brain damaged, High School drop out, Greta:

100% Data Tampering