‘Collective Psychosis’: Comedian Joe Rogan Interviews Prof At The Center Of Evergreen College Flap

Joe Rogan Podcast Interview/Youtube Screenshot/JRE Clips

The professor at the center of the Evergreen flap sat down recently with Joe Rogan on his popular podcast to lament over how the regressive left is steadily consuming its allies on campuses.

Evergreen State College Prof. Ben Weinstein came under fire in late May when protesters demanded that white professors and students leave the campus for the day. Weinstein who is white, refused to leave. Students surrounded him outside his classroom door and began shouting slogans and insults. They tagged him as a racist and demanded his dismissal.

“You are absolutely not a racist,” says Rogan. “They F–ed with the wrong person.”

Rogan said he identified as progressive until the left overreached and decided to “attack itself.” Weinstein posited a theory that the popular culture on campus is suffering under the spell of “collective psychosis.”

“We are watching a kind of group insanity,” said Weinstein.

Weinstein said there are too many rules and regulations now for how people should act today. He attempted to defend himself at a faculty meeting, and a female colleague immediately challenged his sincerity. Weinstein’s superior intervened and said the faculty meeting was not the appropriate venue for critical thought.

Weinstein wouldn’t give up though, and his fellow professor said, “You should not expect there to be a venue in which to defend yourself, you should just get used to these accusations.”

Weinstein said the same female faculty member he sparred with had one of her media students file a public request for his emails. It was under the auspice of making a documentary, but Weinstein believes it was just an excuse to raid his inbox.

In a separate incident, Weinstein said he was told that to defend yourself against racist accusations, is in fact racist in and of itself. He was also told he had an obligation to believe the accusers.

The college has about 4,500 students and is located in Washington state. The program has no majors and no grades. It is a self proclaimed “hippie school.”

Rogan proposed flipping the script and obtaining the female faculty member’s emails.

“I think YOU should have a student ask for the emails that came from her. I bet they’d be wonderful.”

Ref.: http://dailycaller.com/2017/06/06/collective-psychosis-comedian-joe-rogan-interviews-prof-at-the-center-of-evergreen-college-flap-video/


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