“Colorado Climate Scientists Say”

Image: NSIDC: 2020 Polar Ice doing just fine

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“Green” can only mean corrupt (kick-backs) because the climate is not doing anything out of the ordinary according to known historical facts and according to weather events of today.

Video: Tony Heller
Experts say that the normal climate of Colorado is evidence of climate change.

Extreme Weather Of 1935

Video: Tony Heller
People who claim that the weather is getting more extreme, are either dishonest or ignorant of history.

Arctic Freeze set to break 142-Year-Old Low Temperature Record in Cheyenne, WY

October 2020 is already Alexandria’s Snowiest on Record–almost DOUBLING the previous mark

1 Biden Declares End To Oil – 2. Climate Warrior Biden Promises to Shut Down the US Oil Industry

President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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