Comey met his match today! ‘Hillary played you . . . you blew it . . . God help us all’

Georgia Rep. Doug Collins grilled FBI Director James Comey on Capitol Hill Wednesday and offered a prayer for America if Hillary Clinton were to become president.

“Do you honestly believe that a lady, a woman of vast intelligence who was a first lady of the United States, who was a senator — who was a secretary of state — do you believe that in this case honestly, that she wasn’t grossly negligent or criminal in her acts?” Collins asked.

Comey said he didn’t “believe anyone other than my wife” but that he didn’t believe he could prove the charges.

Collins lamented the fact that Comey’s decision to not recommend prosecution of Clinton has resulted in military members using “the Clinton defense” now when charged with mishandling classified information.

The defense, which essentially is that a person should not be charged if they didn’t “intend” to break the law, was even used by a police officer accused of corruption.

The Georgia rep said Comey and his team “blew” the case and expressed fear for the nation if Clinton were to somehow attain the presidency.

“Bring down the curtain. There’s a wizard behind the thing, Ms. Hillary Clinton, who is playing all of us, because she’s not that naive, she is not stupid” he said. “She knew what she was doing, because she was simply too bored. If she, God forbid, gets into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and just gets bored with the process, then God help us all.

Comey insisted that no one “blew it”.

“This case was investigated by a group of professionals so if I blew it they blew it too,” an angry Comey said. “No one hid behind anything.”

“I don’t think you ever said they couldn’t blow it. They blew it!” Collins fired back.

Source: BizPac Review 

The fix was in all the time, Comey is just the one who has been given the task to “ride the storm” – Elite Fixer!


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