Hillary Clinton was arming Islamic terrorists in Libya to destabilize the region in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, journalist Dr. Jerome Corsi revealed.

“The whole purpose of this Benghazi compound was for Hillary to provide arms to the Al-Qaeda terrorists and militants – largely foreigners coming into Libya who were going to disrupt the country,” Corsi said on The Alex Jones Show Wednesday. “It’s documented that Hillary switched sides.”

“She supported Al-Qaeda by bringing in weapons through Ambassador Stevens that ultimately ended up in Syria with the radicals and foreign mercenaries.”

Dr. Corsi, editor of World Net Daily, explained that he has numerous videos showing egregious violence by Islamic terrorists dating back to even before 9/11.

“These show violence in Benghazi prior to 9/11 with a government official being dragged out of a building and viciously stabbed to death by the mob shouting ‘Allahu akbar’,” Corsi added. “This is not a peaceful demonstration by any means.”

Corsi then described a couple horrific videos detailing a couple of Qaddafi’s troops being captured by Al-Qaeda and sodomized with rifles and forced to eat human flesh.

“These videos should leave no doubt,” he said. “They’re horrific.”

Corsi pointed out that most of the weapons under then-Secretary Clinton’s control had found their way to Syria so the “moderate opposition” could overthrow Assad, creating another chaotic failed state like Libya.

“The weapons had ultimately, after the Benghazi attack, went over to Syria, and we again were providing access through Turkey and through the Middle East for these weapons to get to Syria,” he continued. “The masterplan was to destabilize the Middle East in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“I think the Obama administration has been Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated almost from the beginning.”

He also noted that Huma Abedin, number two aide to Hillary Clinton, has questionableties to the Muslim Brotherhood through her parents.

Corsi said that he’s even published a video on WND of “a Muslim Brotherhood walking into our embassy in Tripoli getting paid off by the Obama administration.”

“These were the same Muslim Brotherhood who ultimately were prosecuted under al-Sisi in Egypt for being terrorists.”

As we’ve reported, the Obama administration’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood are well known, with Obama having invited Muslim Brotherhood leadership to the White House even though they were condemned as a terrorist organization by Egypt in late 2013.

H/T – Jamie White | / TruthFeed



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