Crackdown On Free Speech Ordered In Wake Of Upset Vote

Free and open speech is the Achilles heel of the global oligarchs that control many nations and all of the mainstream media. It interferes with their ability to manipulate public perception, withhold information and the truth, and advance messaging and candidates that favor their power and wealth accumulation.

Were it not for the Internet and social media, Brexit would have never happened and Donald Trump would have been isolated from the people who embraced him as the one to lead them out of the globalist morass and a return to self-government.

Recent events in Europe have the power consolidators in fear that the power structures they have spent years in creating are disintegrating right before their eyes. In one nation after another the populations slowly rise up in defiance of their takeover and the imposed Islamic conquest. Italy fell to the people yesterday and the writing is on the wall for France and Germany next year.

In response to the threat to their power schemes posed by the free exchange of ideas and free speech among the “lowly peasants” they despise and seek to enslave, the elites of Europe in the EU have issued an edict to the Social Media outlets to strangle free speech. They have now responded with an “emergency plan” to do exactly that.

In both the US and Europe, social media accounts are regularly suspended, have their traffic and exposure throttled down, posts are removed without explanation and various other means of censorship and intimidation are employed. The harassment goes so far as to include jail and fines for violating bogus “hate speech” laws in Europe.

Now,  following the loss of a power consolidating referendum in Italy on Sunday that cost the Prime Minister his position, the EU is demanding the peasants be silenced by social media. Reuters reports that in response to EU dictates, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft will intensify their efforts to remove “extreme content” from their websites by creating a common database.

A ban from one would be a ban from all. The definition of what constitutes “extreme content” would be subjective and will likely include anything critical of global government, EU policies and their invasion and conquest of Europe by the Islamic hordes. Otherwise, if it were just terrorism, there would be no emergency, it wouldn’t even be a big deal, they import and support terrorists without so much as a second thought.

According to the Reuters report “the companies will share ‘hashes’ – which are unique digital fingerprints they automatically assign to videos or photos – of ‘extremist content’ they have removed from their websites to enable their peers to identify the same content on their platforms.” They thereby create an effective blackballing system for the blanket censorship and exclusion of non-conforming ideas and speech from the public discussion.

The problematic content driving the action is not related to terrorism, that’s simply their pretext. Nobody would have a problem with stopping terrorists but putting duct tape across their mouths and breaking fingers is a different story. The reality is the latter. The offensive material is that which negatively portrays or impacts their control of their subjects, the serfs, those slaves to the EU who previously believed they were allowed to exercise free will and make their own decisions.

The media giants have taken it upon themselves or more likely, are following elite instructions, to lie to the public. Their Tuesday announcement stated, “We hope this collaboration will lead to greater efficiency as we continue to enforce our policies to help curb the pressing global issue of terrorist content online.”

While terrorist content may be included in the censorship, it’s as much a smokescreen as anything else. They are involved in a major campaign that has been built around the false, fabricated problem of “fake news” ever since it became an issue in the US for Hillary Clinton as she tried to hide from the truth. If they can’t stop citizen journalists from reporting the truth, the next best thing for them is to ensure that no one will see it. Labeling what they publish as being fake and extremist will accomplish those objectives with most of their naive victims never knowing which control freak hit them.




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