Dem Congressman BUSTED for SCAMMING $15 MILLION in Govt. Grants

Can you smell the fraud and scandal from here?

How on earth can a “wellness center” receive $15 MILLION in government grants?

Well, in most cases they can’t, and shouldn’t.

However, if they’re linked to an Illinois Democrat congressman, apparently they can.

We need to keep DRAINING THE SWAMP – the muck runs deep.

From Washington Free Beacon

A wellness center connected to a church founded by Illinois Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush has received $650,000 in taxpayer-funded government grants in 2017, public records show and has pulled in more than $15 million in grants since 2008.

Rush, who was first elected to Congress in 1992, founded the Beloved Community Christian Church, a non-denominational church located in Chicago, in 2002.

“I founded a church in Englewood, one of Chicago’s poorest and most fragile neighborhoods, and named it Beloved Community Christian Church,” Rush wrote in a 2011 op-ed published in the Huffington Post.

“The church, once the site of a Black Panther breakfast program for children, now stands in tribute to Dr. King’s vision of the power of community. A social service center, a health center and an after school robotics program are also part of the church’s mission to care for people.”

The Democratic congressman has steered hundreds of thousands in campaign funds to the church.

Rush began making donations from his campaign to the Beloved Community Christian Church in 2006, just two years after it had opened.

Since that time, nearly $200,000 was funneled to the church.

The social services arm of Rush’s church, the Beloved Community Family Wellness Center, is a not-for-profit federally qualified health center that provides“comprehensive, accessible, timely, and affordable primary health care, preventive education, and social service programs available to the Greater Englewood and surrounding communities.”

The center has received hundreds of thousands in taxpayer-funded government grants so far this year from the Department of Health and Human Services.

HHS gave the center $215,384 on March 21 and added $430,768 on May 23. Since 2008, the group has been the recipient of more than $15 million in taxpayer-funded government grants.

Kacy Rush, Rep. Rush’s daughter, is listed as a member of the Beloved Community Family Wellness Center on its 2014 Form 990, the most recently available filing from the group. Kacy is listed as a “director” of the wellness center on its website.

Rush’s nonprofit, the Beloved Community Family Services, a network that provides “compassionate services to promote cultural, economic and social well-being,” has also received taxpayer-funded money.

Rush requested a $100,000 earmark for the nonprofit that was approved in 2008. The nonprofit was awarded $305,500—$200,000 more than the initial request—which was tacked onto an appropriations bill.

The Department of Justice additionally gave the nonprofit a $290,663 grant in 2008 for what was marked as “developing, testing, and demonstrating promising new programs” for “juvenile justice programs.”

Another one of Rush’s nonprofits, the Rebirth of Englewood Community Development Corp., had its tax-exempt status revoked by the IRS in 2010 after it had failed to file disclosures three years in a row.

Rush’s office did not return a request for comment by press time.




The Democrats are an absolute mess.

Their dreams of a “Trump impeachment” have been dashed, their phony scandals implode and blow up in their faces.

Democrats can’t win elections, they have no message, and the American people feel largely alienated by the party’s adoption of far-left ideology.

They’ve resorted to lying, cheating, and stealing- and it’s now catching up to them.

Two House Democrats (and staffers) are now embroiled in a serious ethics investigation.

One is being investigated for soliciting campaign donations off of the ridiculous “sit in” stunt Democrats pulled last year on the House floor, and the other is being investigated for misappropriating campaign funds.

Gee, I think it’s quite clear what the Democrat Party “message” is…

From Washington Free Beacon

Two Democratic members of the House of Representatives are under review by the House Ethics Committee for alleged wrongdoing.

Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D., N.M.) and Rep. John Conyers (D., Mich.) are both being reviewed by the committee for different issues, Politico reports.

Lujan is being investigated in connection with the Democratic sit-in on the House floor a year ago.

Lujan is being accused of having his campaign profit off the protest by using images of himself on the floor in campaign donation solicitations.

Using any image of a member on the House floor for campaign purposes is illegal.

The complaint against Lujan was brought by the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT). Lujan’s communications director, Joe Shoemaker, pushed back against FACT’s accusation in a statement.

“This announcement is the result of a frivolous complaint, filed by a highly partisan outside group about activities during the sit-in last year — a complaint that is without merit,” Shoemaker’s statement said. “Congressman Luján is committed to abiding by House rules, is confident he has done so in this case, and looks forward to a timely resolution by the Ethics Committee.”

Conyers’ case involves his former top aide, Cynthia Martin. Martin allegedly refused to return $16,500 that was mistakenly routed to her bank account.

Martin was charged and pled guilty to a misdemeanor and was placed on leave. The Committee is reviewing her departure from Conyers’ office.

“From April to August 2016, Cynthia Martin received compensation from the House of Representatives at a time when she may no longer have been working for the House,” the complaint against Martin said.

“If Ms. Martin accepted compensation that was not commensurate with the work she was performing, then she may have violated House rules and standards of conduct.”

Rep. John Lewis’ (D., Ga.) chief of staff, Michael Collins, is under investigation for serving on Lewis’ Congressional staff and serving as Lewis’ campaign treasurer at the same time, which is against House rules.

All of the cases have 45 days from Monday for the Committee to make a decision on how to proceed further.



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