Democrat Party is on the Ropes Fighting For Their Life

We’re watching the slow and agonizing death of the Democrat party. They’ve gone from the “working man’s party” to the party of refugees, illegals, criminals and smug elites.


Under Barack Obama, the Democrats have literally been demolished.

He’s a one-man wrecking ball. More ..

.. and they’re still relying on paid, dishonest trolls on the net and paid “protesters” in the streets. I am beginning to think George Soros cxpvnc_xuaagif3actually wants to expose the Nazis (basically the same as socialists, i.e. murderers) in the Democratic Party by financing their activities and get it a lot of news coverage, which made the Democrats lose the election, despite cheating on a massive scale. After the election the Democrats stupidity has been on display in the streets of America and, of course, in the  ..

Epic take-down of an evil ideology without a real war by letting the Democrats dishonesty, intolerance, stupidity and criminal activities bloom – for all to see.

We need to go back to 1928 to find a result for the Democratic Party this bad.

The Grownups are Returning to The White House

North Korea-Style Liberals Call for “Truth Squads” to Distribute Approved Global Propaganda

Unable to learn and more evidence of the dishonesty: Herman Cain Stomps the FAKE Trump Transition Conspiracies Into Dust!

Liberal Media Attacks Trump for NOT Taking a Presidential Salary

Only in an all-out idiocracy could this happen, which sadly explains the liberal mainstream media perfectly.

100% Data Tampering