Democrats ‘Freaking Out’ Over Voter Turnout In Critical ‘Blue’ State

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has put Michigan in play, and that has Democrats and the Clinton campaign “absolutely freaked out,” according to Trump’s senior communications adviser Jason Miller.

“Here’s where we’re playing offense big league, as Mr. Trump would say it: Michigan. Mr. Trump has been in Michigan today. He’s in Michigan tomorrow,” Miller told SiriusXM host Matthew Boyle.

Miller noted that Trump’s strong offense has forced Clinton to scramble into defense:

“Matt, if you and I were talking two weeks ago, or a month ago… If one of us said Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and President Obama would all be in Michigan the day before the election, the other person would have said, you’re nuts. You’re absolutely insane. But that is the reality. Bill, Hillary, Obama, and I’m sure all sorts of other cast of characters will be in Michigan” on Monday, Miller said. “Because they’re absolutely freaking out.”

“We believe we’re going to win Michigan,” Miller continued. “All the energy is there. The Democrats are going to have to spend more money on TV, so they’re clearly freaking out. That’s where I think Mr. Trump can win.”

That huge momentum has propelled Trump and his campaign into other states that will surely have the Democrats very concerned so close to the election.

“Pennsylvania, we’re in striking distance. Virginia, we’re in striking distance. Same thing with Wisconsin, and even Minnesota,” Miller said. “And the one other state I’d say is in play—we’re probably right about tied right now—but that’s New Mexico.”

Miller explained what he believed has propelled this movement:

The reason you’re seeing these blue states come online is because as voters are dialing in with Election Day approaching, they see this economic change message. We see all these states that have been so hard-hit by the loss of American manufacturing jobs. Where voters are saying: We want to go in a different direction, and the Clintons having abandoned any sort of pretext of positive messaging, have no response to the fact that they were the ones behind all of those terrible trade deals that sent away American jobs.

So we’re feeling very good about the race. There are a lot of new pathways, and even the most hardened of media skeptics who are out there have to acknowledge now, Trump’s got a real shot.

It’s about time this change started to occur. States like Michigan should be right in Trump’s wheelhouse. Michigan has been hit especially hard by the damaging trade deals the Clintons have foisted upon this country.

Trump’s message of revitalizing the economy and putting America first should resonate everywhere, but states like Michigan which are primed for a comeback should be chomping at the bit for a Trump presidency.

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