Does Donald Trump First Class “Groping Accuser” Have a History of Conflict With Trump Property?….

Developing story…  The New York Times dropped their explosive accusation story about a first-class airline passenger named Jessica Leeds who claimed Donald Trump groped her 30 years ago.   The two New York Times reporters for the accusation,


Research discovers two additional Donald Trump connected stories with the exact name “Jessica Leeds” attached, and -adjusted for chronology- the same age as the NYT report.

♦ The first is an article in the New York Daily News dated October 7th, 2007 – surrounding a Trump owned golf course property in Rancho Palos Verdes, California where the golf course erected trees to mitigate the visual appearance of distressed property:

[…]  The glitzy New York mogul readily admits he considers some of the sunbleached, 1950s-style bungalows overlooking his world-class Palos Verdes golf course shabby-chic eyesores.

So he planted a monolithic wall of fast-growing ficus trees as a “temporary” screen for a Michael Douglas tournament held in April, and then never took it out.

Well, the trees have begun blocking the priceless – and protected – ocean views of this scrappy town and irate homeowners are fighting back.

[…]  “These views are one of the great beauties of America. The trees are impairing views on public hiking and biking trails. That’s much more important to the public good than what some golfers consider an ugly house,” complained resident Lenee Bilski, 63.

“We can watch the whales go by, the pelicans go fishing, the kite surfers. It’s an idyllic life…and now Donald Trump comes along and takes that away,”said Jessica Leeds, 62, whose million-dollar property was singled out in Trump paperwork as particularly homely.  (read more)

♦ The second story containing Jessica Leeds, is related to the same Rancho Palos Verdes golf course and a fence dispute between the Trump property and Jessica Leeds personally.  The second story is in the LA Times dated October 30th, 2008.

The title of the story is “The verdict in Rancho Palos Verdes: Don’t mess with the Donald“:


(Screen Grab Above – Here’s the Full Story)

(LA Times) The homeowner, Jessica Leeds, has property that borders on Trump’s golf course development, and had been in negotiations with the Trump organization, which was arguing that her fence was actually in Trump’s property. She says she believed the two sides were in the process of negotiating a solution when a construction crew showed up last Thursday.

“All of a sudden, they were here with their bulldozers taking down the fence, removing and destroying landscape, trees, a walking path, a storage unit just bulldozing through the whole thing,” Jessica Leeds told the Palos Verdes Peninsula News. “They had a surveyor here [who] moved the old fence and put up the fence with some new posts at that supposed property line which I’m not sure whether it is or not without even giving me a survey, without even calling me, without even sending a letter, no notification.”

According to David Conforti, the general manager of the Trump-owned course, the action taken on Thursday was to recoup their land.

We’re simply reclaiming what is legally, rightfully ours, Conforti said on Friday. [Leeds] certainly had the forewarning. It was a few months old. There was nothing ripped out. What we simply did was remove the fence and then reinstall it on the property line.

The Trump Organization last winter sent a letter stating that Leeds had 10 or 14 days to move the fence herself, which she did not do, Conforti said. (link)

If the Palos Verdes Jessica Leeds is the same Jessica Leeds in the New York Times accusations, it certainly raises the question of an undisclosed personal motive, anger over the past, and/or a probable axe-to-grind.

What are the odds this is two different women with the exact same name, of the same age?

One way to look at this is the New York Times accusation itself holds ZERO evidence of the accusation other than the individual word of the accuser, Jessica Leeds.

Surely, would have done a simple google search for media reports containing “Jessica Leeds and Donald Trump” as key words and found these stories.

Surely they would have already asked Jessica Leeds if she was the same disgruntled property owner from 2007 and 2008.

Surely Mr. Barbaro and Ms. Twohey would have not been in such a rush with such an explosive accusation they would have overlooked the most rudimentary of search engine fact-checking?






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