Don Lemon freaking out over Trump’s birther stunt is the most hilarious thing you’ll see all day

Don Lemon joined the parade of media talking heads outraged at how Donald Trump played them like a fiddle on Friday. The outraged CNN anchor took to social media to vent about the Trump press conference-turned 30-minute infomercial.

His tweet came after a day of rage from the left that included the media destroying footage of Trump’s new hotel, a CNN panel freaking out on the air and a public social media meltdown by Hillary Clinton.

The angry anchor also tweeted several times that he was loving watching the Congressional Black Caucus tear into Trump and he encouraged his followers to tune in.

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#CHNN are upset – for what? Being stupid? Who didn’t know that? Boycott the dishonest leftist mouthpiece bias for crooked Hillary!


Colluding with criminals makes you a criminal.



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