Alex Jones breaks down why presidential candidate Donald Trump should visit the nation of Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

Trump, who is now being called upon by a growing number of Americans to travel to the struggling nation, has repeatedly discussed the Clinton Foundation’s misuse of donations meant for earthquake victims throughout his campaign.

“Clinton was responsible for doing things a lot of the Haitian people are not happy with,” Trump has said. “Taxpayer dollars intended for Haiti and the earthquake victims went to a lot of the Clinton cronies.”

A visit from Trump would undoubtedly strike a massive blow against both Hillary Clinton and the corrupt Clinton Foundation as well.

Just last month, the former Senate President of Haiti, Bernard Sansaricq, revealed to Trump how the Clinton Foundation had allegedly pilfered funds intended for Haitian victims.

“In 2010, the earthquake of Haiti, not only American taxpayers, but the whole world has given billions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation for the Haitians. Not even two percent of that money went back to Haiti. So Mr. Trump we are asking you, begging you – the Haitian community will side with you if one day you ask Hillary Clinton publicly to disclose the audit of all the money they have stolen from Haiti in 2010 after the earthquake.”

Source: InfoWars


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