Drunken Muslim Mob Storms Homes Of Random Christians And Severely Beats Them With Metal Rods While Cursing Jesus Christ

Px16-154 MULTAN: Nov16 – Activists of rival groups beat each other at Ghanta Ghar Chowk. Pakistan army contingent were called to ensure the security situation due to tension in the area after the Rawalpindi incident ONLINE PHOTO by Arhum Chaudhry

Islam is just a flash mob when it strikes. One minute these Christians were minding their own business, and the next minute these Muslims literally broke into their homes and were beating them with metal rods while cursing Jesus Christ:

The inebriated men were reportedly being loud and obnoxious as they walked down the residential streets of Samundri. After a Christian woman asked them to quiet down and told them they were disturbing the peace in the neighborhood, they were enraged by “the audacity of ‘ritually impure’ Christians making demands on them,” BPCA reports.

The drunk Muslim men gathered up at least a dozen of their friends and grabbed sticks, metal rods and other assorted weapons and returned to attack the Christian residents.

Upon returning to the neighborhood, the mob stormed the Christians’ homes and indiscriminately beat them without regard for whether they were attacking men, women or children, according to BPCA.

Not only did the Muslim mob physically and verbally assault Christians, they also insulted Jesus Christ, even though He is also a prophet in the Quran.

Seven victims were injured in the attack, five of whom had to go to the hospital to receive treatment for their injuries.

Among those injured are 48-year-old Arif Masih, 40-year-old Parveen Akhtar, 42-year-old Akram Masih, 50-year-old Jamaal Masih, 35-year-old Sharifaan Bibi, 34-year-old Shahzad Masih and 35-year-old Zahid Masih.

“I had returned from work and we were enjoying some rest as we waited for our food to be prepared. A group of drunk Muslims came and were shouting loudly and saying lewd things to any young girls that were passing,” Arif Masih told BPCA officer Kanwal Amar, who visited with the victims in the hospital and at their homes to provide counseling and support.

“My wife asked them to leave the area as they were disturbing locals and they started shouting obscenities at us, but left shortly after,” Masih continued. “About and hour later they returned with a gang of around 15 people and started beating us with sticks and poles. They said all Christians should be killed. They said we were evil demons and made Pakistan impure. I thought I and my family would be killed. It was very frightening.” (source)

The irony of this is how these Muslims were drunk while they were doing this. But, as we have pointed out, for every prohibition in Islam there is also a loophole. In this case, it is intention versus action.

Basically, Islam says that for an act to be sinful, you (a) had to act sinfully and then (b) you had to actually do the act. So if these men were truly guilty of the sin of drinking alcohol, it would have to be proved that they first intended to get drunk, then they would actually have to get drunk. It does not matter if they tried to get drunk but failed, or if they did not intend to get drunk but succeeded. Both conditions have to be present. Even then, with both conditions, a sin committed by a Muslim only counts once against him. To the contrary, a good deed done with bad intentions counts even as one good deed, and a good deed done with good intentions counts as ten good deeds.

If one combines this with the fact that these Muslims were attacking Christians, the infidel “enemies of Allah,” then they can rest assured that their consciences are practically clean before Allah as the stain of drunkeness was washed away by the blood of the innocent people they beat for the “cause of Allah” and Mohammed.

As for Jesus? Well, as far as they are concerned, it was not Mohammed.

Now THOSE are twisted thoughts.

Source: Shoebat


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