ERM Power criticised for choosing $123m fine over renewable energy certificates

Greens are outraged that ERM Power, an Australian electricity company, has chosen to pay a penalty for not buying green energy certificates, rather than “supporting” green energy companies.

ERM Power criticised for choosing $123m fine over renewable energy certificates

Company says it’s cheaper to pay the penalty, but the move is branded as ‘undermining of the objectives’ of the renewable energy target.

The Clean Energy Regulator has castigated a major electricity company for choosing to pay a $123m penalty rather than build or contract new wind or solar power.

It said the move was “hugely disappointing” and customers would rightly be outraged to know the company wasn’t using money collected for investing in renewables in the proper way.

ERM Power has announced it will pay the regulator rather than buy certificates of green power generation to meet its renewable energy target obligations for 2016, citing tax reasons.

“We view the intentional failure to surrender certificates as a failure to comply with the spirit of the law and an undermining of the objectives of the scheme,” the regulator’s chair, Chloe Munro, said. “It’s our view that an investment in a growing industry is money better spent than a financial penalty that has no return.”

In a statement to the stock exchange, ERM said the price for the large-scale generation certificates had more than doubled to nearly $90 each, while the penalty to the regulator was valued at $65 per certificate.

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What this sorry affair exposes is how hideously expensive green energy really is, and the impact forcing electricity companies to buy useless green energy is having on the cost of electricity.

That $123 million which ERM paid to the regulator, in a fair market driven regime, would never have left the pockets of electricity consumers.

ERM’s courageous decision to pay a penalty rather than buy outrageously overpriced green energy will hopefully help expedite the demise of this nasty scheme to divert cash into the pockets of green rent seekers.



Bruce Hawker, Bronwyn Bishop on Bolt Report re: South Australia blackout

Bruce Hawker defends renewable energy with all the passion of a modern day religion. 6 October 2016 Bolt Report, Sky News Australia. Used under Fair Use for educational purposes. For debate and discussion about whether you want reliable energy or to sit in the dark and pretend you’re saving the world.

Bomb Australia’s economy back to the dark ages if you want — it won’t change what China and India are doing. Climate action is a feel good scheme for well-meaning lefties.

Renewables were the main cause of the blackout. Weather events do happen but they don’t have to cause a state-wide blackout.

CSIRO misleads energy ministers: claims battery technology’s rapidly developing

This is a lie. The basic chemistry of batteries hasn’t change in decades. There are some avenues of research with potential, but no breakthrough is assured — it never is.

To portray otherwise is to lie. Shame on the CSIRO. It appears to be infested with Leftists ideologues. God help this country.



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