European nation begins felling 120,000 trees from ‘fairy tale’ forest to make way for wind turbines. 1,000-year old woods the setting of famous stories

By Chris Morrison – The Daily Sceptic

The windmills are spinning golden subsidies in the central German ‘fairy tale’ forest of Reinhardswald, but the payment is the partial destruction of the 1,000 year-old ancient wood itself. Work has started on the clearing of up to 120,000 trees in the forest, the setting for many of the Brothers Grimm mythical stories, to provide access for an initial 18 giant wind turbines around the Sababurg ‘Sleeping Beauty’ castle.

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Who is opposing this massive destruction of the ancient forest teeming with wildlife with trees over 200 years old? Certainly not the Green party, now in power at national and local level. In fact the project is being led by local Hesse Green Minister Priska Hinz who is reported to have said: “Wind energy makes a decisive contribution to the energy transition and the preservation of nature. It is the only way to preserve forests and important ecosystems.”

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All “Greens” today are on the political left, collectivists, i.e. communists, socialists, fascists, nazis etc. The Germans has a long history of going all-in on stupid.

Of course they will destroy nature to save it!!

Just like the illegally installed, corrupt pedo-puppet junta robbing America – as we speak!

R. J. L.


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