Ex-CIA Director: Migrant Crisis Has Germany ‘Massively Overextended’

Woolsey calls Merkel’s refugee policy a ‘serious mistake’ with practical and cultural implications

The former CIA director under President Clinton slammed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s migrant policies on Wednesday, calling her country “massively overextended.”

During an appearance on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” James Woolsey was asked if Merkel handled the Muslim migrant crisis incorrectly.

“This is affecting all aspects of German life. I think it was a serious practical mistake,” Woolsey said. “They’re in a situation whereby young women can’t even wear bathing suits at a public swimming pool without having men from the Middle East — who are not used to seeing women in bathing suits — come and [say] very offensive [things].”

Woolsey also pointed to the practical problems behind Merkel’s migrant policy. Even ignoring the clear cultural issues at hand, no country can readily absorb such a massive influx of people and expect its economy and infrastructure to emerge unscathed.

“The Germans have let in 1.2 million refugees into their country, and … they got 30-some thousand jobs for those,” Woolsey said. “They’ve just massively overextended their spirit of generosity — and one can admire their spirit, but in terms of practicality I think they’re in very bad shape,” he added.

Ref.: http://www.lifezette.com/polizette/ex-cia-director-merkels-migrant-policy-serious-mistake/

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