Extreme Rainfall

Image: That Was The Heatwave That Was!

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As you can see by the articles in this post, the “experts” doesn’t really know much (and they seem to understand even less).

These “experts” are always left leaning, government employees, sucking up to the entities that are providing the funding, the money, i.e. the politicians. You see how that can corrupt both sides?

The Man Made Global Warming FRAUD is proof that it has already been corrupt for a long time.

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
The extreme rainfall propaganda we keep hearing is equally as absurd as the extreme temperature propaganda. As far as I can tell, climate science has nothing to do with actual science.


In the real world, out of season cold is a real problem, no, – cold is not the new warm, at least not according to the dead crops:

“I haven’t seen anything like this”: U.S. Wheat Farmer Woes, Decimated Corn Crops, no Feed for Livestock — What Will We Eat?

They want to tax and limit “Greenhouse Gas” use, a gas that doesn’t exist (in the real world):

GHGs, California, and the EPA: a golden braid of off-the-rails

“Greenflation”: What Happens When Climate Activist Politicians Oppose New Mines

Drought, Frost Plunge Brazil’s Second Corn Yields To Decade Low

Given all the articles, facts and information above, does anyone honestly think this “Infrastructure” BS has anything to do with something else than corruption? Honestly?:

‘Infrastructure’ Bill Forces State-Mandated Carbon-Reduction Programs

Climate and Covid FRAUD – Both by and from the left ..


100% Data Tampering