“Fake news” – the dishonest leftists new mantra for imposing more control

In the wake of the presidential election, questions and criticisms of “fake news” have been swirling.

Hillary Clinton herself challenged Congress on Thursday to combat fictional and misleading news on social media with legislation.

Others have called for big media companies like Facebook to censor “fake news.”

Tonight, Tucker Carlson faced off with Vox.com’s Tim Lee, who believes that companies aren’t doing enough to prioritize “real news.”

Lee explained that Facebook currently directs users to the most-shared content, and the company doesn’t do a good enough job at featuring content that’s from reputable outlets with a history of good journalism.

Carlson argued that restricting the free flow of information is a direct threat to the First Amendment.

“The idea that someone, somewhere is making totally subjective judgments about what’s legitimate, what’s illegitimate, what’s worth sharing, what’s not, what’s propaganda, what’s true,” Carlson said. “Once you start making those judgments, you start suppressing other points of view.”

Lee insisted that Facebook should take more “responsibility” over what content can be shared.

Carlson countered that Facebook already has too much power, and it should not be screening what information people can see.

“This is a threat to speech,” Carlson said. “I think we should be very vigilant about attempts to suppress information we disagree with.”

H/T – FoxNews

Ref.: http://truthfeed.com/tucker-carlson-censoring-fake-news-is-a-threat-to-free-speech/40783/



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