Fake News Works

Image: THE RED NEW DEAL: China Leaving The Feckless West In The Dust

“All great nations, including China and India, view energy as a domain of power. The west already has their power, but no longer knows how to use it the way it did during the Cold War. Global warming, abortion, gay marriage, and renewables versus fossil fuels have overtaken realism in all facets of government, military strategy, economics and countering the global threats from China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea.” – China And India Will Watch The West Destroy Itself – OpEd | Climatism

While the CCP in China is expanding its power, the West is eagerly busy destroying its .. Ironically, that is probably also directed and paid for by the thugs in the CCP.

R. J. L. 

Video: Tony Heller

Michael Bloomberg read a Washington Post climate article, and actually believed that they were telling the truth. At his age, he should know better.


And why wouldn’t they, they are also Communists, a comrade help another comrade, ay!



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