FAKE Polls Before the Election, Massive Election FRAUD at the Election = A Result it’s Difficult to Challenge

Image: Trump, at Fox News town hall, says mail-in voting is ‘biggest risk’ to fair November election, says Dems are ‘destroying our country’

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Breaking down the rule of law will break down society: McCarthy

Video: Fox News

Authorities step up security as protesters continue to call for the removal of statues; House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy weighs in on ‘America’s Newsroom.’


Four people, including elected councilman, in New Jersey charged with voter fraud using mail-in ballots

Because conservatives are not abused sufficiently:

House Democrat actually claims that Facebook and Twitter favor conservatives

Rioters Destroying American History Are ‘Armed Militia of the Democratic Party,’ Says Tucker Carlson

Celebrities trying to influence the outcome of the election:

Pop-Rock Singer Throws a Fit After His Song Was Played During Phoenix Trump Rally

The fascists are using everything they can, from petty, silly, stupid to FRAUD in order to try to win an election they, first of, won’t accept the outcome of if they lose, secondly, a potential victory they clearly don’t deserve (because they don’t have the best interest of the people at heart).

R. J. L.


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