Fanigate Goes Full Jerry Springer: DA’s Alleged Lover Left Wife ‘In Dire Need’ After Failing To Disclose $700K According To Divorce Docs

Published January 12,  2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis – who has charged Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants with trying to change the outcome of the 2020 US election in Georgia – has become the main attraction in a major prong of the left’s 2024 election lawfare operation.

Wade ended up pocketing nearly $700,000 from Fulton county taxpayers – with which he allegedly took Willis on lavish vacations.

Now, Wade’s wife has alleged in divorce documents that he failed to disclose over $700,000 in earnings from the county, and has continued to draw from her bank account, leaving it “routinely overdrawn” despite “the clear inequity in financial circumstances,” the Daily Caller reports.

Wade filed to divorce his stay-at-home wife of 20 years on November 2nd, 2021, the day after Fani hired himas a Special Prosecutor in the Trump case. He had his divorce sealed on February 10th, 2022, according to the 127-page filing by Trump co-defendant Michael Roman.

Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sent a criminal referral Wednesday to Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Attorney General Chris Carr asking for an investigation into Willis and expressing “serious concerns” about the allegations. Greene suggested Willis could have violated a number of Georgia statutes, including violations of public oath, bribery, improper influence of a government official and more.

The Monday motion did not cite hard evidence that Willis and Wade were romantically involved but referenced “sources close to both the special prosecutor and the district attorney” who confirmed their ongoing relationship. -Daily Caller

Oh, and let’s not forget – Wade billed taxpayers $2,000 to talk to the Biden White House about prosecuting Biden’s political opponent.



RELATED: Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade steps out armed with handgun after bombshell Fani Willis affair allegations — and didn’t deny tryst

Published January 11, 2024

Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor leading the election interference case against Donald Trump in Georgia, did not deny having an affair with his boss, Fani Willis, when he was spotted Thursday for the first time since the bombshell allegations came to light.

Wade, who appeared to be openly carrying a handgun, refused to respond — but also didn’t issue a denial — when asked by The Post if he had spent any of the $654,000 he had earned working on the Trump case to take Willis on lavish trips.

Willis is the Fulton County district attorney who brought election interference charges against the former president and 18 co-defendants.

She hired Wade, her alleged secret lover and a private attorney with the Atlanta-based Wade & Campbell Firm, to oversee the case in late 2021.

The special prosecutor arrived at his law office outside Atlanta, Georgia, in a silver Audi A8 L 4.2 Quattro — valued new at more than $100,000 — around 1:45 p.m. Thursday.

Wearing a trendy cobalt suit, he walked from the luxury car toward the office and declined to comment on the alleged affair.



RELATED: New ‘Bombshell’ Filing Does Not Look Good for Fulton County DA Fani Willis

Published January 9, 2024

A new legal filing in Georgia alleges that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis picked a “romantic partner” to lead her office’s prosecution of former President Donald Trump for his actions following the 2020 presidential election, a development being called a “bombshell” by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

At issue is private attorney-turned-special prosecutor Nathan Wade, who is alleged to have “paid for lavish vacations he took with Willis using the Fulton County funds his law firm received” for his work on the Trump case, according to the Journal-Constitution. “County records show that Wade, who has played a prominent role in the election interference case, has been paid nearly $654,000 in legal fees since January 2022,” some significant compensation which was authorized by Willis.



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