Farm murder, man gunned down at his door, nothing robbed, Muldersdrift

Image: Farm attack in Mpumalanga underscores the importance of right to possess a firearm for self-defence

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ANC is a criminal, Marxist organization, currently ruling S.A. Farm attacks, torture and murder is because the ruling class think they are better than the white population. The insanity is, as always driven by racism. The black majority feel they have the right to take everything away from the white population, including their lives (not official policy – yet), treating them as second class citizens.

R. J. L.

By South Africa Today

A farm murder took place on the night of 1 June 2021, on a smallholding in Muldersdrift, in the Gauteng province of South Africa. A family, who were in their home, heard people outside, the man opened the door to go and investigate. Three attackers were waiting for him.

The three attackers who had gained entry to the property by crawling under the fence opened fire on the man.

The attackers then tried to gain entry to the home but the family managed to close and lock the door.

The attackers then fled the scene having robbed nothing.

Security were on scene in a few minutes and secured the area. The man sadly succumbed to his injuries and was declared deceased on scene. Assistance was given to the family via the CPF.

SAPS are investigating.

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