Finally Dopey Hollande Admits Islam Problematic for France

Hollande informs Le Monda that France has a Problem with Islam

France has “a problem with Islam,” he told Le Monde investigative journalists G é rard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme for a book of interviews with Hollande titled, some might say rather appropriately, “Un pr é sident ne devrait pas dire ç a…”, or “A President Should Not Say That…” “I think there are too many migrants, too much immigration that shouldn’t be there.”

The president, who has been in office since May 2015, then backtracked somewhat, adding, “It’s not Islam that poses a problem, in that sense that it would be a religion that would be dangerous in itself, but because it wants to affirm itself as a religion in the [French] republic. Then, what poses a problem is if the Muslims don’t denounce acts of radicalization, if the imams behave in a way that is against the republic.”

While the source of the comments shocked some, France has made headlines in the past few years for controversial policies targeting Muslim culture. Last summer, police in towns along France’s southern coast fined women for wearing the so-called “burkini,” a swimsuit that offers full body coverage. And two years ago, a European court upheld a countrywide ban on wearing the niqab, or full-face veil, in public spaces. Full Story

This is the secret signal for the next crusades. Now the European government is going to foster an environment that favours attacking Muslim immigrants. Sweden is in dire straits; one study states that it has less than five years to rescue itself before it loses control to radical Islam.  The goal as always is to incite the crowd; this enables the shadowy players to rob them in broad daylight under the pretext of helping them.  Watch with shock as Europe suddenly starts to take a very harsh attitude towards Islam. Suddenly laws will be passed that will allow for the mass deportation of Muslims found to be guilty of certain crimes. They will be forced to assimilate or leave; this is the policy China has adopted. In China the slogan is not adapt or die; it is assimilate or be destroyed.  Muslims in the radical western part of China are forbidden from Fasting if they are under age of18 or who work for the government. Men cannot grow beards; individuals under the age of 18 cannot enter mosques. Parents are forbidden from naming their kids with names that are deemed to Muslim (Mohammed is one such example), wearing the Burqa is prohibited on public transportation and Muslim stores must sell alcohol and cigarettes or they will be closed down. China just passed a law that prohibits parents from pushing their kids to follow religious practices and is enforcing this. For example, a child cannot be forced to pray if the child does not want to do so. To execute these rules, they have created a system that encourages the reporting of such acts.  Europe will start to emulate China going forward. Europeans should get ready for the next Crusades; it is going to be bloody.

Paris is being Destroyed by Radical Islam; only way to stop is to adopt eye for an eye policy

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