FINLAND IS FINISHED: Bernie’s model for America JUST COLLAPSED under its own SOCIALIST weight

Image: Finland’s government resigns over failed health care reform

You didn’t exactly tell the truth. The finnish government resigned just a month before the election. It was a tactical move in order to try to win the election – in order to continue the path of destruction. (Yes, they are this dishonest!)

Ok, perhaps you weren’t dishonest, you might not didn’t care enough to do the research before making the video .. or, perhaps you didn’t understand??

#BernieSanders wants America to look like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, or Finland. But if he was elected America would look like Venezuela instead. There is no difference between #DemocraticSocialism and Socialism. They are EXACTLY the same. The entire Government of #FinlandCollapsed a few days ago because of their out of control #WelfareState. Let this be a lesson to all you #Millennials out there. #SocialismSucks and so does #ComradeSanders. Video: The Josh Bernstein Show



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