Fmr CIA operative, Dem voter bluntly says Comey, Brennan should get death penalty for coup against Trump

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Finally a decent and honest Democrat!

By Tom Tillison – BPR

Former CIA operative Bryan Dean Wright isn’t pussyfooting around when it comes to fired FBI Director James Comey and former CIA Director John Brennan, and their actions in the Russian collusion hoax.

Declaring that Comey and Brennan, who went on to become virulent Trump bashers,  decided to “take out” a member of President Trump’s administration, Wright said the two are “traitors” and should get the death penalty, if convicted.

His remarks are in response to the bombshell report last week that former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, a retired three-star U.S. Army general, may have been set up by the FBI.

Wright, who is a Democratic voter, appeared on “Fox & Friends” over the weekend, and he was skeptical that there would be any admission of wrongdoing.

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“We’re in an election year and so many people have gone bonkers with this Trump Derangement Syndrome — it’s real, and so no, I don’t think my party is going to change its tune sadly,” he said. “But I think they should and I think that we now have established that the deep state is real.”

Noting that the FBI intended to shut down the Flynn investigation because there was nothing there, Wright said it was “horrific” that they chose to continue pursuing it in the hope of getting Flynn fired.

“That, for me and for most people watching this program, is the horrifying part,” he said. “We have these un-elected bureaucrats who decided that they are going to take out a member of the Trump administration. But really think about the horrifying part here, General Flynn wasn’t the only person, that the FBI, that James Comey targeted here, we now know that James Comey was doing the same thing trying to get Trump fired.”

“We have this very clear case of James Comey and a whole bunch of other folks on the senior level of the FBI trying to get people fired — not because the facts warranted it or the law called for it, but because of their own personal, partisan agendas,” Wright added.

Asked what he thinks should be done, Wright said Attorney General Bill Barr and US Attorney John Durham, who is investigating the investigators, are on the right track in determining the facts.

“If they can prove that case and prosecute people like the James Comeys, and I think a guy like John Brennan, what I hope will happen is they will try to find whatever the most extreme form of punishment that they can to throw at these guys,” he said.

“My preference, I’d love to see the death penalty,” the ex-CIA operative continued. “And boy, oh boy, I’ll tell you, if I could flip the switch myself, I’d do it. Because these men are traitors.”

Perhaps, even worse than that, Wright said they tried to undermine American voters.

“They absolutely assaulted not just the Trump administration but your vote, my vote, and anybody who went to the ballot box in 2016, irrespective of who we voted for,” he said. “They decided that they were going to choose the nation’s political winners and losers. That’s what offends me and I think outrages most people watching this program. So let’s let the facts show what happens and let Barr and Durham and others confirm that.”

And he was clear on why Comey and Brennan should be penalized, if convicted.

“Barr and Durham have one hell of a job to do to prove it,” Wright said. “And I hope that if the information is there, and we prosecute these men, they are thrown away for a very very long time because what happens is it incentivizes other people in the FBI and the CIA to do this again and again and again, because what’s to stop them?”

Here’s a quick sampling of online responses showing there are plenty who agree with a harsh penalty for their actions:

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