Foreign policy nightmares. Globalist Plan for Disease X. J6 Atrocities. It’s all by design!

Doctors walking in the corridor of hospital with neon X light.
Image: WHO threatens us with “Disease X” to push the Pandemic Treaty! It’s time to get out of the UN and WHO

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By Malcolm Out Loud – America Out Loud

The House of Representatives keeps the spotlight on our own border crisis and refuses to approve the Senate-passed aid package for Ukraine funding. How much of a factor will Biden’s foreign policy impact the 2024 race? LTC Sargis Sangari will tell us – he explains that much of what is happening is by design.

Foreign Policy Nightmares  |  How have foreign policy and the decision-making of this administration impacted the US position in the world? How much of a factor will Biden’s foreign policy impact the 2024 race? The Ukraine funding, are they worth it? And what will Congress do? If we have four more years of this administration in foreign policy, what the hell will we look like? All good questions we’ll ask LTC Sargis Sangari.

U.S. issues hundreds of new Russia sanctions over Alexey Navalny’s death and war in Ukraine  |  The Biden administration announced more than 600 sanctions and penalties on Russia and its military industry Friday — the largest round of sanctions since Russia invaded Ukraine two years ago — as it tries to exert more pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin over the invasion and the sudden death a week ago of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny. Friday’s actions include State Department sanctions on three Russian officials the U.S. says were connected to Navalny’s death, as well as sanctions from the State and Treasury Departments on 500 entities linked to Russia’s war effort. Another 90 companies were added to the Commerce Department’s “entity list,” which restricts their ability to do business in the U.S. (CBS)

How Does the Latest Version of the Pandemic Treaty Threaten Our National Sovereignty?

Above all else, the pandemic treaty is a step toward the WHO taking sovereignty away from individual nations in order to enable globalism. Others may blame it on “predatory capitalism,” but it’s simply global predators of every stripe, from the Communist Tedros and his Apex Global Predator, Communist Xi Jinping, to the Apex Global Predators like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, the big bankers, big tech, and other Western predators.

The current October 2023 version of the treaty has been watered down by worldwide protests, but the goal is always there — WHO domination of anything remotely having to do with health. We do not need more ways to become officially or legally entwined with WHO; we need to get out of the organization run by a Chinese Communist puppet who conspired to hide the laboratory origin of SARS-CoV-2 and systematically demanded draconian measures to take down the constitutional governments of the world, leading to President Donald Trump’s official withdrawal of the U.S. from the U.N. agency, which Joe Biden immediately reversed on taking the presidency.

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