Former ISIS Sex Slave Gets In Front Of Congress And Calls Obama WEAK To His FACE!

For every time we’ve heard Obama say, “ISIS is contained,” there’s another attack to go along with it. For every Liberal saying that ISIS is not the largest threat to our world, there’s another escaped prisoner, sex slave, or Middle Eastern Christian saying otherwise. This is the story of the latter.

This brave young woman named Nadia Murad had been kept by ISIS as a sex slave and most likely a breeding woman. ISIS is just that ruthless. Now she is telling her story. But she didn’t just do it in any venue that would listen. No, she went before a congressional panel and absolutely tore Obama and his weak hand against ISIS a new one!

This story isn’t only inspiring, it puts Obama in his place once and for all!

A former Islamic State sex slave appearing before Congress urged the U.S. to fight the radical terrorist group with more urgency.

The Yazidi woman, Nadia Murad, who escaped captivity in 2014, testified before the Senate Homeland Security committee about the horrors of living under ISIS, CNN reported.

“The USA must act. We must terminate Daesh [Islamic State] and all such terror,” she said through a translator. “Daesh will not give up their weapons unless we force them to give up their weapons.”

Murad spoke out about the Orlando massacre that left 49 people dead, offering condolences to the victims and saying she was not surprised by the terror attack. “I knew if ISIS were not stopped, they would deliver their crimes everywhere,” she said.

She also confronted the Obama administration on its inability to act in protecting Americans as the president pays lip service to fighting ISIS but does nothing serious to eradicate the radicals.

“If a country as strong as your country cannot protect its citizens in Orlando, or in Belgium or in France,” Murad asked, “how come a small minority like us can protect ourselves while we are in the heart of the land where the radicals are?”

Obama has consistently refused to call Islamic terrorism by its name, and redacted transcripts released Monday of the 911 calls from Orlando gunman Omar Mateen omitted any mention of Islam. The 2013 FBI investigation into the radicalized Muslim murderer was dropped due to worries of Islamophobia.

Murad spoke out about protecting Middle East’s Christians, Yazidis, and other minorities, stating “if they are not protected they will be wiped out.” The Yazidis people are ethnically Kurdish and live mostly in Iraq.

Calling on the Islamic community to act, Murad said “The Muslims must be the first ones to resist this.”

“We have not seen that Daesh have been labeled as an infidel group within Islam by any Muslim country,” said the woman who had six of her brothers and her mother executed by ISIS in one day, CNN reported.

Murad recounted how she was enslaved and raped by ISIS captors, along with thousands of other women and girls. Eventually, a Muslim family helped her get a fake Islamic identification after she escaped to Mosul, according to CNN.

“I was freed,” she said, “but I do not (have) the feeling of the freedom because those who have committed these crimes have not been held accountable.”

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