French politician says country has no business in Ukraine


Published April 1, 2024

According to Florian Philippot, France should leave the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, because NATO “is dragging it into wars it has nothing to do with”

PARIS, April 1. /TASS/. France has no business getting involved in the Ukraine conflict and NATO’s efforts to drag it into the fray are only weakening the republic, Florian Philippot, leader of French political party Les Patriotes and former member of the European Parliament (MEP), said.

“The Ukrainian conflict does not concern us. We are being protected by our army and nuclear deterrence forces,” he told France Info. “NATO membership is weakening France because it is dragging it into wars it has nothing to do with,” the politician asserted.

According to Philippot, France should leave the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. “If France leaves NATO, it will never be at anyone’s mercy,” he stressed. The French politician added that “it is necessary to stop sending weapons and money to Ukraine.” “[What we] need is to switch to negotiations and peace discussions,” he concluded.



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Published April 1, 2024



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