Genius Black Woman DESTROYS Black Lives Matter, “They Are Detrimental To Blacks” – WATCH!

I don’t think that Black Lives Matter even believes their own slogan. Marching, hashtag activism (and rioting) isn’t going to work unless we also are willing to see the bigger problems affecting black America. Here’s a hint: making black lives matter has little to do with institutional racism, white privilege and white cops.

On the list of problems affecting the black community, those are all near the bottom of the list. Let’s look at just some of the statistics:

  • Blacks were 47.4 percent of all homicide victims and 52.5 percent of offenders.
  • Blacks accounted for 62.1 percent of all drug-related homicide victims compared to 36.9 percent for whites. Over 65.6 percent — almost two-thirds — of all drug-related homicide offenders were black as compared to 33.2 percent being white.
  • Blacks were 44.1 percent of felony murder victims and almost 59.9 percent of the offenders.

And that’s just related to crime in the black community when there are plenty of other issues, such failing schools and urban poverty.

Has BLM ever addressed a single one of those issues? Of course not, they’ve just held onto a few isolated police shootings to justify their anti-police rhetoric. It’s no surprise that most black people DON’T support groups like Black Lives Mattter. In fact, roughly 3/4ths of blacks prefer the phrase “all lives matter” to “black lives matter.” On Tomi Lahren’s show, one black political activist took to the show to slam the BLM movement. As Blue Lives Matter reported:

Political Activist Chloé Valdary was a guest on the Tomi Lahren show where she spoke some truth about the Black Lives Matter movement. During her guest spot, Valdary stated:

I think ultimately Black Lives Matter has engaged into a lot of hyperbole, it’s used rhetorical hype, but if you unpack a lot of their policies, they are actually detrimental to the black community. For example in their platform, they call for an end to private schooling. I personally am a product of the charter school system and the majority of black Americans in the country want access to charter schools because we understand that education is the key to social mobility. Black Lives Matter is standing against that.

Chloé Valdary also speaks on all the police hate that Black Lives Matter had been perpetuating:

Also Black Lives Matter calls for the de-funding of police in its entirety. But impoverished, black families want police to engage in measured, sober, balanced policing. They don’t want to de-fund all of the police.

Chloé Valdary says that Black Lives Matter representatives “tend to be affected by a profound sense of insecurity”. We couldn’t agree with her more on that. Chloé states in the video: “no self respecting person says to himself ‘I am threatened or intimidated by speaking to someone because they look different.’

Chloé Valdary ends the segment with:

I would say that It’s incumbent upon all of us to critically access Black Lives Matter. It’s also incumbent upon all of us to have compassion and empathy for its members. Contrary to what their slogan may suggest, it seems that they actually lack a sense of innate worth about themselves.

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