Global Cooling: Russia Breaks Multiple 116 Year-Old Cold Records

By Cap Allon

While THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of all-time low temperature records were tumbling across North America, good ol’ Russia was busy setting many of its own.

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In the wee hours of October 13, a host of settlements within southeast Russia’s Trans-Baikal Territory experienced record-breaking cold.

(The below data is courtesy of, as ALL of the records are missing from NOAA’s “global” archive…?)

In the village of Nerchinsky Zavod –situated just southeast of the city of Chita– the mercury plunged to a teeth-chattering -14.2C (6.4F) — cold enough to bust the previous record low for the date of -12.9C (8.8F) set back in 1903 (solar minimum of cycle 13).

Borzya –located 300km (186 miles) SW of Nerchinsky Zavod– also set a new daily lowest minimum temp on Oct 13 — the city’s -17.9C (-0.2F) comfortably surpassed the previous record of -15.2C (4.6F), also from 1903 (solar min of C13).

While in the city of Mogocha –600km (373 miles) northeast of Chita– hard frosts were reported a long with a bone-chilling low of -18.8C (-1.8F), which pipped the old record low of -18.4C (-1.1F) from 1991.

NOAA’s official report states that 11 record lows fell in Russia during the first two weeks of October, but non of the above have been acknowledge — which only leaves me wondering, what other data are they ignoring in their supposed ‘comprehensive and global’ climate reports…?

Regardless of agency obfuscation, however — the cold times are returning in line with historically low solar activity:

Arctic cold continues to descend into the lower latitudes.

As does the snowpack.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift




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