Grocery chain bakery refuses to write ‘Trump 2016’ on teen’s birthday cake–you won’t believe what she did

Thankfully for this Louisiana Albertsons store, McKenzie Gill wasn’t asking for a gay wedding cake. Otherwise, she’d be the proud owner of at least one Louisiana Albertsons store.

Instead, all the 17-year-old Bossier City, Louisiana girl wanted was a cake with the words “Trump 2016” on top. You know, for her Trump themed birthday party.

Honestly, how cool is that, right? Just when you think America’s youth have completely gone down the drain, McKenzie Gill comes along and restores some semblance of faith.

Sadly, the store cake lady didn’t agree.

“We just need an American flag cake with ‘Trump 2016’ on it,” Gill told KLSA News 12, “and right when I said ‘Trump,’ the lady just makes a face. And she was like, ‘I can make you a flag cake but I’m not going to write Trump on it.’”

Gill continued, saying it was the women’s job to make the cake and that she wasn’t asking for the baker’s opinion. “We were just wanting ‘Trump 2016’ on the cake.”

McKenzie took to Facebook to vent, and the story went national .. Read the whole story at BizPac Review. 
Now imagine if this had happen to progressive, gay leftists on their first trip outside the political correct safe-zone in days .. Imagine the media outcry, hurt feelings and lawsuits. Thank God we didn’t have to see that – ever!


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