Guess Where Some Hamas Big-Wigs Were Found Living

Published October 28, 2023

Hamas heavyweight Muhammad Qassem Sawalha, 62, was discovered living in London in a home bankrolled by UK citizens. Here’s the kicker: he lives in a Jewish neighborhood. Apparently, living amongst Jews isn’t so bad if a huge chunk of your home is paid for with someone else’s cheddar.

Sawalha and his wife scored a tasty $136,500 taxpayer-funded kiss when they bought a two-story home in London for $390,000. The house is paid off.

Sawalha, who is wanted in Israel for being a member of Hamas, skedaddled to London using a cousin’s passport in the 1990s and snagged his own British passport in the early 2000s.

A 2004 indictment from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) claims Sawalha engaged in clandestine meetings to discuss “revitalizing” terror attacks in Israel as well as creating a money-laundering scheme to supply funds for activities in Gaza as well as the West Bank.

But wait, there’s more. More terrorists!

Sawalha has a Hamas homie named Zaher Birawi, who lives nearby.

Israel named Birawi as a “senior Hamas operative in Europe.” He is also a trustee of a British charity called “Education Aid for Palestinians.”

FACT-O-RAMA! England declared Hamas a terror group and banned it in 2021. Anyone convicted of being a member and/or supporting Hamas can be jailed for up to 14 years.

Christian Wakeford, a member of Britain’s Parliament, wants to know what—if anything—will be done about the terror-loving backstairs boys living in Jolly Old.
“It highlights a clear national security threat if we’ve got operatives from a proscribed terrorist organization living and promoting Hamas in London,” Wakefield declared to Parliament.



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Published October 28, 2023

Thousands of pro-Hamas and ostensibly “Orthodox Jewish” protesters advocating Israel’s destruction have shut down the Brooklyn Bridge, according to reports.

The protest, “Flood Brooklyn for Palestine,” comes just one day after pro-Hamas protesters completely shut down Grand Central Station in Manhattan and Israel’s ground invasion of Hamas.

Businesses have been vandalized with disgusting anti-Semitic stickers, including “Zionism is Terrorism,” ‘From the U.S. to Palestine. Abolish the settler state,” and “Free Palestine.”



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Americans across the U.S. have protested in the streets in support of Palestine, shouting antisemitic slogans as Israel defends itself after Hamas terrorists slaughtered 1,400 of its people on Oct. 7. Nearly half of Americans aged 18 to 24 say they support Palestine in the conflict. But what happens when we ask them to put skin in the game?

Published October 28, 2023



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Published October 28, 2023

Ilhan Omar just casually tweeting out an insane video that claims that Israel was a British conspiracy to steal the land and money from Arab people, the “original landowners” of Palestine, and force Jews into military service.

What the hell?

— Eric Cunningham (@decunningham2) October 26, 2023

Omar keeps padding her reputation for her hatred of Jews and love of terrorists. It’s also not the first time Omar has shared something heinously false.



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Published October 28, 2023

As the old saying goes, not all heroes wear capes.

In fact, sometimes they wear flannel shirts.

Such was the case during a recent incident in New York City, which like many Democrat-run cities in this country has seen the antisemitic nature of woke radical leftists get exposed like never before in the aftermath of the Hamas-instigated war against Israel, with chants of “glory to the murders,” “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” and “Allahu Akbar!” filling the putrid air around the so-called peaceful protesters.

Something else disturbing that we’ve seen happen with increasing frequency are the despicable incidents where pro-Hamas thugs in these same cities start tearing down Hamas hostage posters, which are put up around cities in hopes that someone, somewhere can provide information to worried and anxious family members, friends, and other like-minded allies.

Thankfully, many of these jerks are being named and shamed, with some either being suspended from or losing their jobs. In other instances, we’re seeing confrontations play out directly on the streets as the poster-snatching is in progress.

One shining example comes courtesy of the below clip, where a flannel-shirted man and someone who appears to be a friend confront a man who has allegedly ripped a poster off a street pole.

What followed was an absolutely epic and aggressive lecture on the First Amendment, with “Flannel Man” letting the anti-Israel poster thief know in no uncertain terms that though he had every right to fly a Palestinian flag and shout disgusting calls for Israel’s destruction, others also had the right to put up those posters and not have them taken down.

At one point, Flannel Man is pulled away right as he tells the guy he’d love to put him in the hospital.

Watch (language warning):




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