Has Biden violated the US Constitution by bombing Yemen?

Published January 12, 2024

Lawmakers say Biden should have sought permission from Congress before launching strikes on 16 Houthi sites.

The United States launched military attacks on sites operated by the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen on Thursday, targeting its military infrastructure.

The US Air Force said in a statement that it had “executed deliberate strikes on over 60 targets at 16 Iranian-backed Houthi militant locations, including command and control nodes, munitions depots, launching systems, production facilities, and air defense radar systems”.

US President Joe Biden said the joint strikes with the United Kingdom were meant to demonstrate that the US and its allies “will not tolerate” the Houthis’ attacks on shipping in the Red Sea. The US raids, supported by Canada, Australia, Bahrain and the Netherlands, marked the first major US military response to Houthi attacks on shipping bound for Israel or owned by companies with any affiliations with Israel.

The threat posed by Houthi attacks on global shipping has become serious enough to cause major companies such as Maersk to suspend shipping in the Red Sea.

Several Democrat and Republican lawmakers have strongly criticised the move, accusing Biden of violating Article 1 of the US Constitution.

So what does Article 1 of the constitution say and has it been broken?


SOURCE: www.aljazeera.com

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More than 100 precision-guided munitions, launched by fighter jets and warships, struck military infrastructure in 16 locations belonging to the Iran-backed rebel group

Published January 12, 2024

THE Iran-backed Houthis have vowed “unimaginable” revenge in the wake of the US and UK’s overnight blitz on their military bases in Yemen.

The furious rebel group called the coalition strikes that hit 60 military targets and killed five of their militants an act of “war” as a full-blown conflict threatens to explode in the region.

Western coalition forces smashed dozens of military targets, including an airbase, airport and army camp in what Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called ” a proportion action of self-defence”.

The PM today said the UK needs to send a “strong signal” that the Houthi rebel attacks are wrong and cannot be carried out with “impunity”.

The moment an RAF Typhoon launched a precision strike on a Houthi military target in Yemen last night
The moment an RAF Typhoon launched a precision strike on a Houthi military target in Yemen last night

He said: “Our aim is very clear, it’s to de-escalate tensions and restore stability to the region.”

US President Joe Biden hailed the air strikes on sites used by the Iran-backed militia group a “success” – but added he would “not hesitate” to launch more.


SOURCE: www.the-sun.com

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Published January 12, 2024

Graham had posted on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, that he is “very supportive of the Biden Administration’s decision to strike Houthi rebels who have been harassing international shipping and trying to attack Israeli and American interests.”

“It’s long past time to let Iran know that we will hold them accountable for the actions of their proxies – in this case, the Houthi rebels,” Graham’s post continued. “The only language radical Islamic groups understand is force. I hope the Biden Administration understands that their deterrence policy has completely failed.”

Graham continued, “They must continue using military force in the face of aggression from Iran and their proxies.”


SOURCE: www.thegatewaypundit.com



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