Heating Is The Coming Crisis, Brought On By Green Stupidity

Written by Robert Bradley

The heating crisis is already here and will quickly get much worse as temperatures drop. It is Western energy policy stupidity that’s bringing it on.

David Blackmon recently promoted Tucker Carlson’s post-Thanksgiving day monologue on energy with the admonition: “It should be required viewing or reading for every American citizen.” Correct.

Carlson’s monologue is reprinted below, followed by a short segment on Fox Business:

Now that we are [back from Thanksgiving], an obvious observation: All prosperity in this country depends ultimately on energy. Our consumer economy runs on it.

It takes energy to make things and bring them to your house. Our tech economy runs on energy too, a lot of it. How do you think they keep their server farms running? Energy is pretty much, in fact, the key to everything that Americans do for a living.

It’s the key to health care and agriculture and yes, media and travel and construction, entertainment—even finance, which is symbiotic with the real economy, depends in the end on energy, because you can’t lend money to businesses if they no longer exist and if energy prices go up high enough, they don’t exist.

Given how central, very obviously central, energy is to everything that matters in America, it’s hard to believe that the Biden administration would intentionally make energy much more expensive, because we know for a fact, having seen it repeatedly through history, that high energy prices will crush our economy faster even than the COVID lockdowns did.

People will become poor. Some of them will die. That’s not a guess. It will happen.

Given all that, it’s unimaginable that anyone but our enemies would want to raise our energy prices to the point where our economy collapses and yet that is exactly what the Biden administration has decided to do and to do it, they’re using twin instruments of climate policy and their war against Russia.

The effect? In a nation with the largest recoverable oil reserves on planet Earth, many Americans can no longer afford ‘fossil fuels’ and once again, this is not an accident.

It’s not a natural cycle we’re going through. Politicians and policymakers are doing it to us on purpose.

Now that the midterm elections are over, the media can finally begin to cover the inevitable result of these policies. CNN, for example, just ran an article about Americans who are worried about freezing to death over the winter in America.

One 63-year-old woman in Philadelphia called Charmaine Johnson said that she is torn between heating her home and buying food and of course, she’s choosing food because she has no choice. “It’s miserable,” she said. “It’s like living in an igloo.”

Another man, a 67-year-old man called Tim Wiseley said he turns on his heat only when his teeth begin to chatter. “You can’t go food shopping and get oil. It’s one or the other,” he said. “It’s a horrible feeling. It’s a feeling I wouldn’t wish on anyone.” It’s a feeling that Americans have not had in generations.

These are American citizens living in a major American city that used to be considered first world and they can’t afford heat and it’s happening not just in Philadelphia, but everywhere. Average home heating prices went up 17 percent last year and they’re up another 18 percent this year. Again, not organic.

This is the result of policies from the Biden administration and its allies, not just in the Congress, but in think tanks across Washington and in the entire American news media. This did not happen by accident. As FOX Business has reported, once winter arrives, the problem is going to get much worse.

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