Hiding the Evidence: Media Blocked From Scene of Border Storming in El Paso

Published March 23, 2024

We told you about the chaotic scene in El Paso, Texas, Thursday when a horde of illegal aliens swarmed the fences at the southern border and clashed with the National Guard. President Biden and WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre pathetically blamed former president Donald Trump and Gov. Greg Abbott, respectively, for the situation.

But now Jennie Taer, the Texas-based reporter for the New York Post who broke the story with her colleague James Breeden and posted the stunning video, says that the area where the mayhem occurred has been blocked off to the media. How convenient.

“Looks like authorities aren’t too happy with her footage!” wrote Daily Telegraph’s National Affairs Editor James Morrow.

“Media now being blocked from the scene where we captured a breach by hundreds of migrants in El Paso yesterday, how do we do our jobs now?” Taer asked in her post.

“The optics are terrible for Biden,” respondedjournalist Auden B. Cabello.

The sign is simple and to the point: get the h*** out of here, and don’t you dare publicize the administration’s failings.


SOURCE: www.redstate.com

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Published March 22,  2024

The Biden administration pointed the finger at Republicans for the chaos captured at the border Thursday by The Post, after dramatic video showed migrants tearing down razor wire and rushing guards at El Paso.

Despite being fully responsible for homeland security, the White House blamed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and former President Donald Trump for the incident – which left Texas National Guard members injured.

The razor wire, that’s [Abbott]. The National Guard, that’s him. The Border Patrol agents still did their job. They got in the way, like the governor’s plans got in the way,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during Friday’s briefing.

The spokesperson’s comments were muddled so it was not clear either which law enforcement group actually “got in the way” or whether that statement was meant as praise or criticism. The men shown being overrun by the migrants were Texas National Guardsmen.


SOURCE: www.nypost.com

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Published March 22, 2024

The southern border has seen an overwhelming number of illegal immigrants since day one of President Joe Biden’s term.

In February, there were more than 189,922 illegal alien encounters— higher than the 156,000 encounters at the southern border in February 2023.

On Thursday, nearly 100 illegal immigrants rushed the southern border, bursting through razor wire and surging the El Paso, Texas border wall.

On top of the ongoing border crisis, the federal government was facing a looming shutdown pending the passing of a spending bill. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that regardless of what would have happened, Biden still planned to check out for the weekend, ignoring his responsibilities as leader of the country.


SOURCE: www.townhall.com


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