Hillary Campaign Chairman Announces: ‘I’ve Switched Teams. Vote Trump 2016’

Last night, it appeared that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign Chairman John Podesta – of all the current WikiLeaks bombshells – appears to have dropped his support for Hillary and now supports Donald J. Trump.

Podesta, who was also President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff and a counselor to the Obama White House, tweeted the shocking announcement:

“I’ve switched teams.Vote Trump 2016.Hi pol”


There is no word about who hacked the account, but a campaign spokesman has confirmed the hacking:

“We can confirm that John’s Twitter account was hacked, which would explain the message you all disembarked from the plane and received. We’re working on fixing it,” Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said in a statement.

It is not the first time Podesta’s personal accounts have been hacked. WikiLeaks’ most recent purges this week revealed a number of emails Podesta sent. The Democratic strategist has maintained Russia is behind the email hack because it is trying to help Donald Trump win the presidency.

Why is Hillary Clinton’s team so pathetically bad at basic security? Hillary Clinton paid a fortune to scrub her personal email server, and yet her campaign can’t handle to properly secure a Twitter account.

If Podesta really switched teams, I would worry for his personal safety.

Source: Political Insider 



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