Hillary Clinton Just Endorsed Mike Pence! She Just Forgot Her Own Running Mate!

Hillary Clinton has been full of lies and scandals throughout the campaign and it seems for years and years. The lies don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon either.

Hillary’s health was also brought into question after she suffered several extended coughing spells and took long breaks from her campaign trail, as well as the infamous fainting episode at the 9/11 Memorial.

Now Hillary must be suffering from something other than pneumonia after what she said about Mike Pence!

There’s no way she would say this with a sound mind.

Hillary Clinton accidentally endorsed Mike Pence after the debate last night.

“If Trump’s decisiveness in choosing Mike Pence as his running mate is any indication, he’ll be great at making hard decisions as president.”

His decisiveness in choosing Mike Pence turned out to be very good because Mike Pence mopped the floor with Tim Kaine at the vice presidential debate last night.

All Tim Kaine could do was try to squabble over Mike Pence and interrupt him 72 times!

That is ridiculous. And the fact that the moderator allowed Kaine to talk out of turn so much points to their lack of control of the debate or that there was something bigger at play.

No matter though because Mike Pence handedly won the debate and even CNN’s polls say so, meaning they couldn’t even skew the results in Tim Kaine’s favor.

The tweet that Hillary endorsed Mike Pence is absolutely ridiculous and that she still hasn’t realized that she said Mike Pence was a good choice and called Donald Trump a good decision make under pressure points to her lack of awareness.

Donald Trump would never make the mistake of endorsing his opponents because they are crooked and he isn’t suffering serious medical issues.


Source: Donald Trump News

Comment: As if that wasn’t strange enough, over 7000 of her (brainless) followers actually liked it, on top of that over 3100 re-tweeted her ..? Democrats are a lot of things, smart .. NOT SO MUCH!



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