Hillary Clinton may DROP OUT of US presidential race after major health scare

HILLARY Clinton could be replaced as Democratic candidate for US president after she almost collapsed at a 9/11 memorial ceremony.

The Democratic Party is expected to call an emergency meeting to discuss replacing Clinton after she .

Sources suggest the 68-year-old may have been hiding her illness for THREE DAYS – and admitted the party was in “unchartered territory”.

Clinton has CANCELLED visits to California today and tomorrow – and a major speech in Las Vegas is now in doubt.

Her doctor has told her to cut back on campaigning.


Medics have said Clinton is suffering from pneumonia – and “overheated”.

Health fears were already sparked when last month.

With just 57 days left until the vote, any move to remove her could hand the job of Commander-in-Chief to Donald Trump.

Conspiracy theorists have claimed .

An award-winning journalist, based in New York, said the Democratic Party would meet to “consider a replacement” – citing party officials.

Source: Daily Star 

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