Hillary Clinton Wants To Legalize Prostitution For Black People

Hillary Clinton Met With Black Lives Matter In Private.

In yet another Wikileaks email released today, Clinton’s true agenda has been further revealed.

Download the full transcript of the interview here: 20151009-washington-d-c-meeting-with-blm-black-lives-matter-activists

The Original Wikileaks cable is here: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/10095

In this secret meeting she disclosed her belief to legalize prostitution. 

QUESTION: …And so I’m wondering like about your commitment to going there for our communities’ most vulnerable and at-risk populations.  I think the conversation around poverty and policing goes hand-in-hand because I think that that’s where a lot of the interaction first happens with folks when they come into the police.

I think about Eric Garner selling loose cigarettes, but I also think about Shelly from Detroit because she was a sex worker.

And so I’m just wondering, what do you think your role would be as president to kind of work on thedecriminalization of like black LGBT folks, and specifically around like decriminalization of sex work, decriminalization of marijuana, those things that have historically been used to oppress us. [EDITORS NOTE: She means black people.]

HILLARY CLINTON:  Yeah.  You know, first of all, just as I’ve said before, I just can’t even imagine the kind of pressure and the constant anxiety and insecurity that you and so many others live with.

From my perspective we do need to look hard at decriminalizing behavior that is not harmful, that is not leading to violence, and try to figure out how best to do that.

Sitting here today, I can’t tell you.  I don’t know.  I haven’t —

QUESTION:  But do you support it?

HILLARY CLINTON:  I support the idea of it.  I’m not sure exactly how you would implement it and how — you know, because remember, most of the laws you’re talking about are state and local laws.  I mean, the federal government can encourage, can make suggestions, can provide incentives, but most criminal law, most policing, all of the problems that we’ve been discussing are really controlled at the local and the state level.  So you have to have a buy-in by others, not just by the federal government.

And so, for the women who support Hillary Clinton…drum roll please…do you support prostitution? Because she does. Well, Clinton supports “the idea of it” when commenting on her amazing plan to take black people out of oppressed environments.

Donald Trump wants to create different kinds of jobs, legal jobs. Jobs that pay enough wage that a person doesn’t have to resort to 2nd and 3rd jobs, or consider crime as a viable option, because it never is. Hillary Clinton doesn’t even have the balls to tell black people prostitution is against the law for a reason. 

Source: The Real Strategy



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