Hillary Clinton Works With Three Major Islamic Terror Leaders Who Want To Kill Christians And Make America Into An Islamic Country, Donald Trump Must Bring This Up In The Debates To Crush Her

By Walid Shoebat

Bring up “Trump-Putin” relations in the debates next Monday and Trump should bring up Hillary’s three secret ‘love affairs’ with major Muslim Brotherhood operatives while he makes the case for his complement of Putin. This will be long (7000 words), detailed and loaded with documents, translated links, packed with evidence on Hillary’s affairs with Muslim Brotherhood operatives who intend to destroy us from within. It must be circulated and carefully studied.

But before we disclose all the juicy details, there is no question, the issue of Donald Trump complementing Russia’s President Putin will come up during the debate. If I was Trump I will remind Hillary Clinton once compared Putin with Hitler. Lets compare and see who better qualifies to win the ‘Hitler award’. Hillary is one who does not mind putting evil Hitler to good use, so long it advances another evil: Hillary.

Trump complemented Putin, sure, but should her photo here be misconstrued as “Hillary meeting with Hitler”? Had Jesus been here, in our times, a photo of His temptation will definitely be misconstrued as “God’s secret pact with the devil”. Even God’s testing of Job via Lucifer will be considered history’s great conspiracy. History always gets twisted by politicians and slanderers. But it is only History that will eventually set the record straight regarding the truth.

Trump can easily flip the table showing she is guilty of the very thing she accuses Putin of. But first, he must ask, shouldn’t it be prudent and wise for a U.S. Presidential candidate to deal with and address the wide variety of passé mass culture clichés and stereotypes that were developed during the Cold War about Russians? Would we dare say all what we say about Putin what is said about the Jewish people? Carl Marx and Lenin were Jews, Communism therefore should be a Jewish conspiracy?

Is hating Russia the other only accepted prejudice after hating Catholics? When it came to hating Catholics, even John McCain had to denounce anti-Catholic pastor John Hagee who endorsed McCain during his failed presidential race.

Yet so many of these American politicians, like Hillary Clinton, including many others even in the Republican Party do the same to Russians as Hagee did with Catholics. When it comes to Putin they paint him as the most evil dictator of our times while forgetting that the U.S. protects and defends evil allies that Putin pales in comparison to when it comes to their tyrannical rulers.

Saudi Arabia, the mother of all Wahhabi terrorism, is still officially an ally of the U.S. America even invaded Iraq to protect Saudi Arabia and now we have the Middle East implode as result. It was Mr. Dmitry Peskov, the press spokesman for the Russian President, lambasted the Saudi regime for sowing terrorism and backing al-Qaeda inspired guerrillas even now throughout the crisis-hit Syria. President Putin, when it came to Saudi Arabia, made his threat clear: ” …Russia will defeat Saudis in Syria which became the epicenter of their [Saudis] malevolent plots. It is imperative for all Syrian parties that believe in a peaceful resolution for their country’s five-year civil war to sit down at the negotiation table and denounce the Saudi destructive role,” said President Putin. Did Hillary say the same? No.

Putin even added that Russia will bomb Saudi Arabia back to the Stone Age life when nomad Arabs were in the habit of living in tents unless the regime gives up assisting radical terrorists in the Middle-East.

We have gone wild off the rails regarding the Russian leader, blaming anything and everything on Vladimir Putin just as we did Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Egypt’s Mubarak and now Bashar Al-Assad of Syria.

The Communist Soviet Empire collapsed without a shot, spawning a much better Russia, while Hillary compared Putin to Hitler painting Russia as a country dying to attack Western Europe.

I would ask: Hillary, why are you turning your back on the very people who mounted the greatest bloodless revolution in history to remove the Communist Soviet regime? Is Russia’s democracy less advanced than Saudi Arabia, which we defend, while NATO expansion into Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic and NATO’s Turkey expansion into Syria and Iraq should be acceptable to you?

It should not be difficult to put Hillary in checkmate.

Isn’t it time to rid the U.S. from the mad policies of Bill Clinton, Joe Lieberman, William Cohen, Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger and Trent Lott?

Was it not Putin who was the first world leader to telephone US President George W. Bush after 911? And now that we know the folly of meddling in the Middle East we are still on the same course of destruction?

Obama and Hillary’s policies caused the death of a quarter million human beings and the displacement of millions more who flooded Europe and now you want to bring these into our nation? Did Putin do this in Crimea? Who is best to win the Hitler Award?

Hillary is still honing after Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad for purportedly crossing Obama’s whimsical “red line” claiming he used chemical weapons. This is an assertion that was never proven. Where is your proof Hillary? Was it not Russia that launched a formidable aerial attack against ISIS positions in Syria?

We speak of the lack of democracy in Russia. But do we really have a democracy when majority Americans opposed genetically modified foods? Do we have a democracy when most Americans opposed same-sex marriage? Russia stood behind marriage and became a leading global supplier of healthy, organic and high-quality food and its ‘anti-gay’ legislation is in fact ‘pro-children’ and pro-marriage legislation. Yet you run ads about how much you care about children? Liar.

And what does Hillary do? She accused, slandered and frothed saying that we, the American people, for not supporting such agendas are homophobic and more:

“You can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables.’ Right? They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.… Now some of those folks, they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not American.”

Perhaps its time to re-open a can of worms for the Clintons that is least addressed. Trump can have the media do summersaults the day after if Trump addresses what the media failed to address before. And if history already recorded the disaster of Iraq, it will also record the disaster of Syria, especially when we dig deeper into Hillary’s role to advance the Muslim Brotherhood, which is now infecting Syria in a gigantic way. Syria is the second hub for the Muslim Brotherhood after Egypt, which your administration nearly destroyed as well and now Trump meets Al-Sissi to fix what you messed up.

When it comes to the Clintons, they remind me of the prophetic movie, the Siege. Densel Washington as Trump. I would be Tony Shalhoub in his role as the FBI Special Agent Frank Haddad. Hillary as the CIA officer Elise Kraft / Sharon Bridger. Trump should ask Hillary: at least we know who your husband’s sexual partners were, but as for you, Hillary, the lights were so dim, how could you possibly know who you were screwing with?



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