Hillary Reveals Her Conspiracy Theory as To Why She Lost the ‘White Women’ Vote

According to Hillary, she lost the vote of white women because they were bullied by their husbands after the James Comey letter.

Good grief. When will Hilary ever stop whining, look in the mirror, and quit making this garbage up?

From Newsweek 

Hillary Clinton has long said that sexism played a role in her election loss—and this week she offered a sexist explanation for it.

In an interview with Vox, Clinton said white women didn’t strongly support her 2016 presidential bid because they listened to the men in their lives after FBI Director James Comey revealed late in the campaign that he was still investigating her.

“All of a sudden, the husband turns to the wife, ‘I told you, she’s going to be in jail. You don’t wanna waste your vote.’ The boyfriend turns to the girlfriend and says, ‘She’s going to get locked up, don’t you hear? She’s going to get locked up,’” Clinton told Vox’s Ezra Klein on Tuesday. “Instead of saying, ‘I’m taking a chance, I’m going to vote,’ it didn’t work.”

It’s an inherently sexist idea—that women are incapable of thinking independently from their husbands and partners—particularly when research indicates that men and women both cast their vote based on major issues such as the economy, terrorism and jobs.

In the interview, Clinton suggested that women heeded pressure from men not to vote for her, citing a conversation with Sheryl Sandberg, a technology executive and women’s rights activist.

“Many women, and let’s talk about white women since that’s the group I lost, are really quite politically dependent on their view of their own security and own position in society and what works for them,” she said.

Ref.: http://truthfeednews.com/hillary-reveals-her-conspiracy-theory-as-to-why-she-lost-the-white-women-vote/


Might as well add a few more stories, as crazy as it is – already ???

Hillary Admits She Wanted to Make VOODOO DOLLS to STAB Her Enemies

Hillary Clinton is showing more and more how disturbed and angry she really is lately.

From refusing to “forgive” the women who didn’t vote for her, to screaming at the TV when Trump came on, it’s clear that Hillary is not able to handle pressure of being president.

Now, we’re learning that Hillary wanted to make voodoo dolls of her enemies and STICK them with pins.

Gee, stabbing dolls?

This woman needs mental help, not to be the leader of the free world!

From Breitbart

NEW YORK — Hillary Clinton was so frustrated about the infamous scandal surrounding her use of a private email server that she was “tempted” to construct voodoo dolls in the images of “certain members” of the news media and Congress, and then “stick them full of pins.”

So Clinton wrote in her 494-page new memoir, What Happened, which was released today.

In the book, Clinton complained that the “attacks” against her use of the private email server “were untrue or wildly overstated, and motivated by partisan politics.”

She revealed her voodoo doll temptation:

It was a dumb mistake. But an even dumber “scandal.” It was like quicksand: the more you struggle, the deeper you sink. At times, I thought I must be going crazy. Other times, I was sure it was the world that had gone nuts. Sometimes I snapped at my staff. I was tempted to make voodoo dolls of certain members of the press and Congress and stick them full of pins. Mostly, I was furious at myself.

This isn’t the first time Clinton wrote about voodoo, which Google’s dictionary defines as a “religious cult practiced in the Caribbean and the southern US, combining elements of Roman Catholic ritual with traditional African magical and religious rites, and characterized by sorcery and spirit possession.”

In her previous memoir, Hard Choices, Clinton described attending a voodoo spirit ceremony with a “voodoo priest” during her honeymoon with Bill Clinton in Haiti in 1975.

She related in Hard Choices:

One of the most memorable experiences of our trip was meeting a local voodoo priest named Max Beauvoir.

He invited us to attend one of his ceremonies. We saw Haitians “seized with spirits” walk on hot coals, bite the heads off live chickens, and chew glass, spit out the shards, and not bleed. At the end of the ceremony, the people claimed the dark spirits had departed.

Ref.: http://truthfeednews.com/hillary-admits-she-wanted-to-make-voodoo-dolls-to-stab-her-enemies/

Katrina Pierson Rips Hillary for Her ‘Huge Ego Problem’ and ‘Elitist Attitude’

In her most recent appearance on Fox Business, Katrina Pierson took aim at Hillary Clinton and her never ending excuses tour.

This is a huge ego problem, this is an elitist attitude. So of course she is going to continue to point fingers, everyone knows that she was the problem, with the exception of herself, which is probably why booksellers have now slashed the price of her book because they’ve already seen it all. They’ve seen the blame game, they see the name calling. So now you can just get it all on paperback for less than $19.99.

Katrina is right. Amazon and Walmart have indeed already drastically slashed the price on Hillary’s book.

Ref.: http://truthfeednews.com/katrina-pierson-rips-hillary-for-her-huge-ego-problem-and-elitist-attitude/

Pathetic Hillary Now Blaming the MEDIA for Not Being Biased Enough for Her

Here we go again. We already know Hillary has been blaming “fake news” for her loss.

Now she’s decided to blame “mainstream news” as well.

Yup, even though they were 100% in the tank for her, that is not enough for the forever pathetic and bitter sore loser.

From WashingtonExaminer

Hillary Clinton blames the majority of the media for not doing “their job” during the 2016 campaign, which culminated in an election contest which she lost to Donald Trump and is now revisiting during a book tour that kicks off this week.

Sitting down with Vox’s Ezra Klein, Clinton lamented the “big move” coming from the Right” for “disastrous,” “radical, pull em up by the roots change,” including a push for a new constitutional convention.

She suggested that the Right has an unfair stranglehold on the media.

“We don’t control the media environment the same way the right does, it’s harder for our message to get out,” she said.

Though she spoke about how she favors “change,” Clinton explained that it needs to be the right kind.

Asked about how being so realistic could hamstring her from being able to inspire people, Clinton said that was a fair point, but then unloaded her ire at the media.

“I don’t think the press did their job in this election, with very few exceptions,” she said. “So the hard questions about what was real and what was realistic and what could happen with the right kind of election outcome were never really joined. And so I found it frustrating, obviously, because I think I could have defended and lifted up a lot of what I believed we could do.”

Clinton went on to say that it was tough to get her policy message out when Trump offered “good TV.”

Ref.: http://truthfeednews.com/pathetic-hillary-now-blaming-the-media-for-not-being-biased-enough-for-her/



The Lawyers Who Deleted Hillary’s Emails Just Got Devastating Career News

While former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is attempting to put her multiple scandals behind her by promoting her new book, she is having very little success. It seems as if there are always new developments revealing her corruption that remind people exactly who she is.

Most recently, Maryland Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. ruled that a state bar investigation into lawyers who allegedly helped Clinton delete emails could move forward, The Washington Times reported.

Harris stated the the allegations against lawyers David E. Kendall, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson were quite serious, and shouldn’t be dismissed without a proper investigation.

“There are allegations of destroying evidence,” Harris stated.

This is a definite win for lawyer Ty Clevenger, who has been going after Clinton and her lawyers for quite some time. Clevenger had his requests for bar investigations turned down in Arkansas and the District of Columbia, but it appears he finally found his opening in Maryland.

The Baltimore Sun noted that Clevenger has pursued his claims against Clinton and her lawyers, arguing that just because they are politically connected doesn’t mean they are above the law.

“My thesis is: If you are a politically prominent attorney, you are held to a different standard,” Clevenger explained.

It is doubtful that this investigation would actually lead to any sort of punishment being leveled against Clinton, but it could have some repercussions for her team of lawyers.

Of course, it sure doesn’t hurt that all of this is occurring just as Clinton is on a book tour to promote her latest work of fiction, “What Happened,” which essentially blames everyone except herself for her election loss.

This investigation will remind people that she didn’t lose because of Russia, former FBI Director James Comey, sexism, racism or anything else she can come up with.

She lost because she was one of the most scandal-tainted politicians in the United States, and the American people made a decision to say no to her brand of corruption.

Ref.: https://conservativetribune.com/lawyers-deleted-hillary-emails/


100% Data Tampering

What kind of a problem would need FAKE and manipulated documentation?

Look at all these “Climate Agreements.” We continue to lose money, prosperity and freedom while the CO2 level continue to increase, when do we say enough??